Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Living in Your Car: A Compendium

I would like to write a detailed, useful post about living in your car, as many people are now fining themselves in this situation and the info may be useful for other reasons as well. I have never, however, had to live in my car so it wouldn't be very useful to the readers if I just throw out a bunch of platitudes. Being able to live in your car is a useful skill and even if you think it will never happen to you, the following information may prove quite useful at a later date:

Anyway, that should give you some good general knowledge about living out of your vehicle should worse come to worse.


  1. I've been homeless twice in the past. The second time I owned a car and used it to hold my worldly possessions. Because I live in an area that is largely National Forest, it was easy to find places to park and camp.

    In fact being homeless was not much different than an extended camping trip. I also had the advantage of being debt free, accustomed to living and working outdoors in all weather, and living a simple life anyway.

  2. hi there, my name is Eva.

    found this website and read some great discussion and feedback so decided to join

    i am happy to help others and offer advice where possible :)