Friday, April 10, 2009

20 Items for Your Low Profile Life

Moving on with the low profile living theme, here's some things you may need to live on the down low:
  • A pre-paid cell phone purchased with cash and not associated with your name in any way.
  • A firearm not registered in your name (I am not advocating anything illegal. In many jurisdictions, you can buy a firearm from a private party and you don't have to register it in your name).
  • $1000 in cash. At least.
  • A netbook or laptop which is not registered in your name. Use it via free wifi portals instead of through a work or home internet service which can be traced to you.
  • A generic phone calling card, paid for with cash of course.
  • A ghost address (an address where you receive mail that is in no way connected to you).
  • A car which doesn't have a "black box" in it (older than mid '90s for many, but not all, cars).
  • A bicycle. Seriously. This in one of the few forms of transportation that doesn't need to be registered to you.
  • Medical/dental care done in a foreign country (it helps if you live overseas or close to the Mexican border). Medical care in the US forms a paper trail that will follow you forever.
  • A skill. Maybe many skills. With a skill you can work just about anywhere, often times without all of the paperwork that regular employment entails.
  • Minimal disguises (ie: glasses, sunglasses, hats, etc).
  • A bank account in some else's name (off shore accounts are growing more "iffy" by the day).
  • A cross-cut shredder.
  • A secure storage unit that is not associated with your name.
  • A "hide out" in case you need to crash somewhere for a night or two (this could be an abandoned home, a friend's cabin, etc).
  • A safe (preferably hidden where no one else knows where it is).
  • Nothing with an RFID chip in it (or if there is a chip, conveniently disable it).
  • If you must use store loyalty cards, have them in a random assortment of names/info (of course you will be paying cash only for your purchases).
  • Electronic voice changer.
  • Pre-paid Visa/debit cards.

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