Friday, April 24, 2009

10 (Very Useful) Free Things

I like a good deal. I like quality free things even better. Here are 10 free, and very useful things, that can help you with preparedness and life in general:
  1. Free software. I generally check out when I am looking for some types of software and I always use their links to free software such as AVG, Ad Aware, etc. Check out this post from Trent at the Simple Dollar for more info on useful free software.
  2. Free exercise. Years before exercise infomercials and morning TV exercise classes featuring hot locations, hot bodies, and hot new equipment, there was Jack LaLanne. Many people grew up on his exercise program which featured a simple guy on a simple set doing simple calisthenics. He is 94 today and still exercising--he can even still do finger tip push ups! Exercise does not need to be expensive, in fact, it can be free. Try putting together a program of walking and calisthenics and you may, like Jack LaLanne, improve your physical fitness for life.
  3. Free books. The single best ways to educate yourself is through books. It would be impossible to take a class from an expert every day but it is quite possible to read a book, written by an expert, everyday. Through books you can increase your job skills, figure out how to open your own business, survive in the wilderness, and do just about anything else you would ever want to do. Best of all--books are free at the library.
  4. Free food. I was showing a young woman from China around our city and when we went by the Mission, I explained that the organization provided free food and meals to those who were hungry. You would have thought I was telling her how to split an atom in five easy steps, she was so shocked at the concept of providing food at no charge for those who are hungry. Free food can be very useful for those in need, especially in these economic times. Other sources of free food include wild food (I can find apples, blackberries, nuts, and mushrooms growing wild just near my home), free food samples in grocery stores, and free food samples found online from manufacturers.
  5. Free wi-fi. Being able to connect to the internet is quickly becoming a necessity for modern life, much like having a phone or a TV was considered a "necessity" for all but the poorest people in decades past. Fortunately, you can be poor or even homeless and still get connected to the internet. Libraries often provide free wi fi and the computers to access the net and if you have your own laptop, you can usually find free wi fi access at many locations around your city. Simply Google 'free wi fi' and you will pull up many websites to help you find free internet access where ever you happen to be.
  6. Free parks. City, county, state, and federal parks are still, for the most part, free. Parks are a great place to breathe some fresh air, get some exercise, entertain the kids, connect with nature, and enjoy some peace and quiet.
  7. Free water. If you drink bottled water, then water most definitely is not free. In fact, bottled water costs more than gasoline! It is, however, quite possible to drink FREE water and it won't kill you. That may be a revelation to some. While the media has done a great job at thoroughly convincing us that we must pay for water, us, our parents, grandparents, and their ancestors lived quite fine by drinking water straight from the tap, from drinking fountains, from garden hoses, and even from wells, and streams. When I go to restaurants I always order water--from the tap, not the fancy stuff--and it comes free of charge. When I travel, I carry a water bottle and fill it up at drinking fountains or ask at restaurants to fill it up to me which they always gladly do.
  8. Free radio. While TV is moving away from being free (with the digital turn over everyone will need to pay for cable or at least buy a converter box in order to receive TV), fortunately radio is still free. Radio is still how I get much of my news and it is still how we will receive emergency information during a disaster since TV will not be accessible without electricity.
  9. Free education. Education through high school is still free. That may be why so many kids take it for granted whereas kids in many other countries could only hope for such an opportunity. Some colleges still provide a completely free education, and a free college education, sans degree, is also available from many prestigious universities online.
  10. Free entertainment. Free entertainment can still be found at no charge. Our city and local communities offer a wide range of free things to do--concerts, parades, free nights at the museums, and free bands and dancing at the casinos, are just a few of the many entertainment opportunities that the whole family can enjoy.

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