Sunday, March 22, 2009

Poll Results and a New Poll

Our last poll's question: How has the current economic situation affected you?
The answers:
  • Job loss (8 people/12%)
  • Investments have tanked (18 people/29%)
  • Upside down in mortgage (8 people/12%)
  • Stress/paranoia/depression (26 people/41%)
  • Lost home to foreclosure (2 people/3%)
  • Had to curtail retirement plans (9 people/14%)
  • No impact (23 people/37%)

From the numbers, it looks like the readers of this site take financial responsibility and preparedness pretty seriously. While 3% have lost a home to foreclosure, an article by MSNBC stated that 12% of all mortgage holders in the US are late with their house payments or in foreclosure. Fortunately 37% of respondents have seen no impact from the current economic crisis which is very good news--I'm not sure if that is because they live in areas relatively unimpacted by the economy (ie: military towns, areas with widely diversified businesses, etc) or because they take steps to be independent of the market (ie: no debt, diversified investments, etc). Whatever they are doing, keep up the good work and feel free to share your success strategies!

p.s. Be sure to take our new poll >>>

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