Thursday, March 12, 2009

Interesting Idea--How to Save A LOT on Food

As I was sitting down to write a blog post this evening I remembered a story I heard on the news earlier today so decided to look up the blog about a lady's project to only spend $1 per day for food for a month. It looked interesting and pretty soon I realized I was reading the entire blog. Which leaves very little time for this blog post. Anyway, this is an interesting idea that definitely has merit. Check out the Less is Enough blog here.
I am always fascinated when people decide to do things that everyone else says can't be done. "Experts" say you can't feed a family of four for less than $700 a month. I think the experts are wrong (as they often tend to be). I have been considering such an experiment (although not for a dollar a day because while self deprivation may be fine for me, the spouse would probably strenuously disagree) and saving money of food seems to be one area where people can make the most difference in their budget. More on this at a later date...


  1. do you know the spouse would disagree, or do you know so?

  2. Yep, know for sure. After having been raised in a country where hunger was common and to be avoided if at all possible, the suggestion of eating for example a single whole grain for the entire day when you don't have to would not be well received at all. I try to pick my battles and this wouldn't be one of them.

  3. Here's an article about something that I would like to try, but I just don't have the room in my current living situation.

    It is essentially using two 55-gallon drums. One cut in half for two worm farms (fed by food scraps, etc) and the other for raising catfish. All done very inexpensively!

  4. I like the catfish raising idea. Didn't know they could be raised in a barrel. Intersting idea!