Monday, February 16, 2009

Quick Fixes

I am a gear aficionado. I can wander around REI or Cabellas for hours on end and gadgets always peak my interest. I like having the right tool for the right job however sometimes you need to be able to make due with what you have on hand. Here's some ideas:
  • Super glue can be used like a liquid bandage. I saw this tip over on the Survivalist Boards and was surprised that many people didn't know this; we've used this for years in the field. Years ago a friend's dog's ear got torn on a hunting trip and he also used Super Glue to patch the ear back together. Obviously you don't want to pour Super Glue into a gaping wound, but for cuts, broken blisters, and other wounds, it works.
  • Acidophilous in pill form works great for intestinal problems; it replenishes the bacteria in your intestines that may have been killed off from antibiotic use or an invasion of different bugs from new food and water.
  • Lubricants can often be used interchangeably. Once at my sister's house she didn't have any TriFlow and the hinges on my car door were squeaking badly. The solution? Pam cooking spray. Traveling through the desert my son was getting nosebleeds from the hot, dry air. At the first restaurant we stopped at, I asked for some cooking oil, he rubbed it in his nose, and the problem was solved. I've used both TriFlow and Pam in a pinch to polish boots. Obviously you want to only use non-toxic oils on your body.
  • For sunburn? Noxzema works great. The old time fix for sunburn was bathing the affected area in vinegar (actually granddad used vinegar for just about everything).
  • Toothpaste can be used for bug bites and minor burns.
  • Acetone (fingernail polish remover) can be used to remove Super Glue or other adhesives.
  • Out of shaving cream? Try hair conditioner, butter, or other lubricant.
  • Things with a whole bunch of uses: duct tape, toothbrushes, baking soda, bleach...

Some people make an art form out of finding new uses for everyday items. The idea is to be open minded enough to use what you have on hand in a pinch, and creative enough to come up with even more uses for the things you use everyday.

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