Friday, February 6, 2009

DPT--Keep an Eye On State Legislation

Our state (and federal) legislators are hard at work. If you think they are trying to make your life easier, think again. Ron Paul is the only legislator I know who routinely tries to undo legislation. For 99.99% of the country's legislators, their goal is to make as many new laws and regulations as possible so it looks like the are producing something. That means more laws and regulations that impact us. It is critical that the governed (that's us) keep an eye on the multitude of bills that are being discussed in the state legislature and congress so that we can write or call our representative either in support of or against proposed legislation. Some of these bills will impact your gun rights and other freedoms.
Also, these people can be sneaky--the title and basic premise of a bill can be light years away from gun rights (such as child health, a nice sounding topic) however there will be a couple of sentences tucked into that bill which will outlaw certain gun rights. We need to pay attention to all aspects of the legislative process.

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