Sunday, February 8, 2009

Australian Wildfires and the Purpose of this Blog

If you had the news on at all today, you can't miss the latest on the Australian wildfires. With over a hundred people killed by the fast moving fires, it brings home the necessity of preparedness and the skills necessary to survive such a situation.
The main purpose of this blog is to provide just such information. There are plenty of military/paramilitary websites and blogs that offer reviews of the various ARs available on the market, explains the use of various camo patterns, and offers tips to keep you in peak physical condition. Not discounting the necessity of such information, it is statistically clear that the survival and preparedness skills that 99% of the people need 99% of the time are for the random natural and man-made disasters that can affect anyone at any time. Among those, wildfires, earthquakes, floods, street violence, food shortages, medical incidents, etc. So stay tuned for plenty more posts on how to keep you and your family safe, prepared, aware, fit, and healthy...with a bit of the military/paramilitary stuff thrown in to keep things interesting.


  1. Actually the death toll is now over 134 and may go over 200. They're still recovering bodies.

    The problem with the fires on Saturday was that they travelled extraordinarily quickly. Much faster than is normal or usual for bushfires in Australia. In many cases people simply didn't have time to get out. Quite a few people died in their vehicles attempting to escape.

  2. I think the order of likelihood that certain disasters will occur are 1 natural disaster, industrial accident (at least where I live Your mileage may vary), and then economic.

    It is interesting you earlier poll showed 42% though economic disaster most likely and this poll shows finances being the least ready area of prep so far. Perhaps peoples rating of financial disaster correlates to their own exposure (myself included) to the effects of financial disaster.

  3. This is what differentiates your blog from the mass of blogs out there - REAL skills that will save you and those you care about. Sure, knowing when and how to pack your belongings into your vehicle and escape a wildfire or flood isn't as romantic as fighting off the attacking hordes with guns and blades, but which is more likely to happen?