Monday, November 24, 2008

Road ID--Suggestion From a Reader

Here's a suggestion from a reader...
I was finally putting my "30 must carry items" together and I want to tell you of a great product that I use. It is called the Road Id from It is a wrist band or necklace that you wear for emergency personnel to better assist you. In it you list your name, address, phone number and emergency contacts, etc. You also list your doctors, medications/dosages, allergies etc. You can maintain it by changing what ever needs to be corrected by simply going online. On the bracelet it lists your name, city, state and the call number and/or web address for the emergency personnel to gather your info. On the back of the bracelet lists the serial number and pin number for them to look at your info on the spot while you are being treated. The band is also reflective for nighttime protection. It costs 19.95 a year but I unfortunately need this and the emt's said that it was a HUGE help to them. I swear by it. Plus, it is less you need to carry and has more information for those critical situations. Take a look, I think that it would make a great post. I bought one for my whole family because they work!
Since preparedness is all about learning from others so we don't have the learn via the 'school of hard knocks', suggestions from readers are very much appreciated. Having worked in the EMS field, I can tell you that the more information the medics have when they arrive on scene, the better--whether it is known allergies or medical conditions or who to call when you are being carted off to the hospital or morgue. It never fails that someone will be jogging, biking, or in a car load of people and won't have ID on them when they get in an accident, thus delaying the notification to the family, sometimes by hours or days.

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