Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In Honor of Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran's Day. If you know someone who is a Veteran or who is currently serving in the military, give them a call or an email and say thank you. Because of what they have done or are doing for our country, all of the rest of us get to live in one of the best countries on the planet. We have a number of freedoms that most people on the planet will never get to enjoy, we have one of the highest standards of living anywhere, we have unlimited opportunities, and we have a relative peacefulness that is virtually unknown in many other countries. A lot of the time, I rant about all of the problems I see in our country, but on the whole, this is one of the better places in the world in which to live and the reason is because we have an outstanding group of Americans who make up our military. Thank you Veterans and all of the members of our military for what you do to protect us each and every day.

A special note to my son who is deploying to Iraq today...I love you son and I am proud of you. I have faith in your training, your leadership abilities, and your common sense. I won't lie and say I am not afraid to see you go but I know you are man enough for the job that needs to be done. I will pray every day for your safe return.


  1. May the God and Father of our Lord Jesus keep your son safe in his adventures and return him to you with many exciting stories of the love and peace he helped shape in this tumultous world.