Friday, October 31, 2008

DPT--Go Shooting

Basically I mean go shooting now. In the winter. In the wind. In the rain. In the cold. In the snow. It is easy to go out to the range and shoot a hundred rounds when it is a balmy 73 degrees with no wind, at mid day, when the sun isn't in your eyes. It is quite another thing to go out and shoot a hundred rounds when your fingers are numb, the rain is pouring, and the daylight is a bland shade of grey. For the same reason that runners train at altitude, it makes sense that if you want to be a good shooter in any type of situation, that you should practice in the worst situation you are likely encounter so that anything you encounter after that is a piece of cake. As a side benefit, with bad winter weather and miserable temperatures, there should be lots of space on the firing line for you.


  1. Saturday went shooting.

    Today (sunday) ,I can hardly move

    Got 30 jack rabbits with 25 shells. Walk about 5 miles doing it, but I have a bad back.

    Dont feel overconfident when you go shooting (hunting), specially if you have a problem like me.

    Practice, practice, practice, but do not damage your body or your wallet. I could have bought the same amount of meat for my dogs, cheaper than going hunting, but....Like reloading and hunting, I just dont want to lose any skills. Thats why I do it.

  2. Amen: shoot in every kind of weather and position imaginable. Unless, that is, you believe your 'game' will stand still for you on the perfectly sunny days when you want to walk out the door.
    Anony5;47 said it well: don't want to lose skills. Not only shooting, but stalking, tracking, seeing, hearing, smelling, 'feeling'...all are an important part of the 'hunt', regardless of the game.
    Thanks for the encouragement- it's sorely needed by all.

  3. Many people do the most practicing with .22 (a cheap ammo to buy). You probably woulnd't want to practice with .45 jacketed hollow point, 100 rounds a week, unless you are wealthy or like to reload your own ammo.

    I can totally feel for you when you talk about shooting (or hiking, or many other activities) then feeling the affects the next day. My back isn't what it used to be either...