Monday, September 29, 2008

25 Thoughts on Today's Bailout News

In no particular order here are my thoughts on today's bailout news...
  1. Wow! Our representatives are actually representing their constituents instead of big business and big government.
  2. This is a step in the right direction.
  3. I don't know what will happen but bring it on. I feel like we have been bullied by all sides and the intimidation and fear needs to stop. How do you handle a bully? You stand up and fight instead of cowering or hiding.
  4. I'm hoping that people will go back to basics and take a breather. Living on credit, living in fear, living to pay bills instead of to play with your kids, living to buy the next gadget...sounds tiring to me. Time to relax and enjoy life.
  5. I'm happy I have my preps.
  6. Don't panic. This too shall pass. Remember the rice crisis? Remember the stock market drop of '87? What were you worrying about last year on this day? See, we worry about things each day that won't even be a concern to us in a year.
  7. I'm a news junkie. I think I need to head off to somewhere where they don't have news and take a news vacation.
  8. I have faith in our basic economy, in people's ability to persevere, and in the consciousness that has developed in our populace to where expectations of a better future will create that better, and wiser, future.
  9. Look around at what we do have...lots of natural resources, an entrepreneurial spirit, options via the net to sell our products and services to those who want them, etc.
  10. What would happen if every talking head, if every news source, if every leader in our country decided that beginning tomorrow they would give a concerted message that our economy was looking up, things were getting better in the financial markets by the moment, and that a turn around in our economy was going on as we speak. The power of positive thinking. Confidence would return, people would start buying (responsibly, I hope), and attitudes would be positive--problem solved at a grand total of $0.
  11. Or there is the other idea that has been proposed. Instead of approving $700 billion to bail out businesses and banks, divide it among all of the adults in the US (I believe they said it would be like $100,000 per person). The economy would be stimulated, the people would be happy, and I would have a kick ass new gun collection :)
  12. Attitude is everything. I know it sounds like I am on a constant rant but actually I am almost always pretty happy with life. Good attitude = less problems.
  13. I can live on less. We all can. When I see how people live in third world countries, I realize how wasteful Americans usually are and how much less we actually NEED to survive.
  14. When you see where the crowd is going, head the other way. Did you see the huge lines, arguments, and no fuel in some southern cities today? The reporters noted that less than an hour away there was plenty of gas and no lines.
  15. Focus on what you do have instead of what you don't have. You can look at the negative (I don't have this, I don't have that) or you can look at the positive and be thankful for the things you do have (wonderful spouse, blog that I look forward to posting to each day, some trout a friend just brought over).
  16. When something scares you, take a deep breath, analyze the situation, and make a plan. Someone may be afraid they will lose their house. Then what? They can live in an apartment that maybe costs half of what the house did and pocket the leftover money. What if they can't get approved for the apartment because of their credit? They can become modern day nomads and live in a travel trailer for a year in order to save money. Radical? Yes. Adventurous? Yes. Permanent? No. The only constant thing is change.
  17. Some of the best meals I have had lately have been made at home. Some months ago we made a conscious decision to eat out much less (like once every other week or so) instead of daily like we had for so many years. Home cooked food tastes better, the portions aren't overwhelmingly big, and I know exactly what went into it.
  18. Watch the Dave Ramsey Show. He is the voice of reason and calm in these turbulent times.
  19. I like a challenge. These are challenging times. I am kind of enjoying all of this. Sounds odd, huh?
  20. You wouldn't know the economy was tanking by the number of shoppers at Walmart, Ross, Barnes and Noble, and our local Applebees this weekend.
  21. Be happy with frugal things during hard times. I learned this from my grandmother. She and granddad would put together barn dances which both made them a bit of cash and made people forget their problems for a little while during the Depression. She told a story of being happy to buy a pair of new socks at the five and dime; she could have been sad that she couldn't afford a new coat but she was happy to have a simple pair of socks.
  22. Take tiny steps each day to make yourself feel more secure. Buy an extra bag of rice. Take on a small project and teach yourself a valuable skill (like sewing a jacket, fixing the broken outlet, etc).
  23. Try something new. Have a picnic in the park at lunch instead of spending money at the over priced deli like you always do. It seems odd at first but after a period of adjustment you may find it enjoyable if you give it half a chance.
  24. Times of great change usually lead to some very good changes.
  25. The year 2012 is quickly approaching...something else to worry about for those who like to worry.

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  1. 11.: if I do the math correctly, there is either 7 million adults in the US or the amount per person is wrong; anyway how many of them would use the money wisely ?!?