Wednesday, September 3, 2008

15 Rules for Concealed Carry

If you choose to carry a concealed firearm (I highly recommend it), here are a number of "rules" to live by:

  1. Have a concealed carry license. Some people don't like this but it alleviates some legal issues.
  2. Know the laws of concealed carry--where you can carry, where you can't, how you can carry (in some states you can carry openly), etc.
  3. Have a concealable firearm. Carry a .50 S&W Model 500? Not unless you are a 350 pound linebacker.
  4. Know how to use your firearm. Practice A LOT.
  5. Always carry a spare, loaded, magazine or speed loader.
  6. Carry effective ammo. I like 147 grain jacketed hollow point.
  7. Never carry a weapon when you are intoxicated.
  8. Always keep your firearm in your immediate possession. Don't leave it laying around in an unsecured gym bag, for example.
  9. Try a variety of holsters. Some are more comfortable for longer wear than others.
  10. Dress appropriately (ie: avoid tight clothing that gives the public a clear outline of your firearm).
  11. Avoid places where you are likely to need your firearm (bad neighborhoods, bars, ATMs in bad section of town at midnight, etc).
  12. Learn de-escalation tactics so you can diffuse a situation and not need a firearm.
  13. Practice drawing your weapon, practice stance, practice quickly identifying shoot-no shoot targets, practice scanning what is behind your target, practice close combat shooting skills, etc.
  14. Practice for unusual situations--low light shooting, multiple attackers, what to do when an animal (usually a dog) is attacking, weapon retention, etc.
  15. Never draw your weapon on someone unless you intend to kill them.

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