Thursday, September 11, 2008

101 Survival Skills

There are lots of skills that come in handy in a disaster/survival situation. Here's 101 of them:


  1. How to purify water.

  2. How to grow a garden.

  3. How to forage/gather food in the wild.

  4. How to kill and dress an animal.

  5. How to cook (in home/over a fire).

  6. How to bake (in home/over a fire).

  7. How to raise animals for food.

  8. How to fish.

  9. How to preserve food (dry, can, freeze, pickle, etc).

  10. How to seek food in other ways (dumpster dive, barter, etc).

Outdoor Skills

  1. How to navigate via GPS, map compass.

  2. How to start/maintain a fire.

  3. How to set up a primitive camp (shelter, fire, water source, etc).

  4. How to camouflage yourself.

  5. How to leave no trace.

  6. How to traverse ice, rocks, mountains, water, etc.

  7. How to stay warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.

  8. How to dress appropriately for the outdoors.

  9. How to track (people and animals).

  10. How to avoid outdoor hazards (animals, poisonous plants, quicksand, etc).


  1. How to operate a HAM radio.

  2. How to use a computer.

  3. How to publicise an issue in the national media.

  4. How to set up a pirate radio/TV station.

  5. How to send and receive secret, encrypted messages.

  6. How to gather information in a survival situation (from the media, from the street, from officials, etc).

  7. How to contact the people you need in an emergency.

  8. How to signal in a variety of ways (smoke, Morse code, SOS, etc).

  9. How to do dead drops/live drops.

  10. How to use sign language to communicate.

Disasters (what to do before, during, and after)

  1. How to survive a hurricane.

  2. How to survive an earthquake.

  3. How to survive a tornado.

  4. How to survive a tsunami.

  5. How to survive a wildfire.

  6. How to survive a CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) incident.

  7. How to survive a flood.

  8. How to survive a winter storm.

  9. How to survive a personal disaster (financial, medical, social, etc).

  10. How to survive a socio-economic collapse.

Transport Skills

  1. How to drive.
  2. How to ride a motorcycle.
  3. How to swim.
  4. How to fly a plane.
  5. How to ride a bicycle.
  6. How to pilot a boat.
  7. How to ski/snowshoe.
  8. How to ride a horse.
  9. How to walk long distances.
  10. How to hitchhike (by car, train, small plane, etc).

People Skills

  1. How to lead people.
  2. How to mediate problems.
  3. How to read people.
  4. How to gain people's trust.
  5. How to coordinate a response.
  6. How to barter.
  7. How to sell your services/products.
  8. How to teach others.
  9. How to learn from a variety of sources.
  10. How to acquire the things you need (through legal and not so legal means).

Medical Skills

  1. How to do CPR, use an AED, and perform the Heimlich Maneuver.
  2. How to treat viral and bacterial infections.
  3. How to treat for shock.
  4. How to deliver a baby.
  5. How to set a bone.
  6. How to suture a wound.
  7. How to prevent the spread of disease and infection.
  8. How to put together a comprehensive first aid kit.
  9. How to treat basic medical conditions (bleeding, puncture wounds, gun shot wounds, allergic reactions, etc).
  10. How to perform medical rescue techniques.

Firearms/Self Defense Skills

  1. How to use a handgun, rifle, and shotgun.
  2. How to clean your firearms.
  3. How to reload ammo.
  4. How to set traps.
  5. How to fight (hand to hand combat).
  6. How to set up a comprehensive home security system.
  7. How to use escape and evasion tactics.
  8. How to fortify any location you happen to be in.
  9. How to use alternate weapons (knives, Mace, Tazer, throwing stars, etc).
  10. How to utilize combat shooting techniques.

Home Skills

  1. How to sew.
  2. How to do basic plumbing.
  3. How to do basic electrical work.
  4. How to do basic carpentry.
  5. How to do basic masonry.
  6. How to use basic tools (everything from a hammer to a chain saw).
  7. How to budget, spend, save, and invest your money.
  8. How to educate your children.
  9. How to process your own garbage (recycle, compost, burn, etc).
  10. How to do an assortment of rural skills (raise children, bury the dead, make candles, tan animal hides, etc).

Other Useful Skills

  1. How to travel in foreign countries.
  2. How to speak a foreign language.
  3. How to play games of skill (pool, poker, chess, etc).
  4. How to dress and act appropriately in various situations.
  5. How to maintain physical fitness and health.
  6. How to stockpile food and supplies.
  7. How to do basic educational tasks (read, write, math, history, science, etc).
  8. How to disguise yourself.
  9. How to perform an investigation.
  10. How do do basic auto repairs.
  11. How to build assets and create passive income for your future.

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  1. Other useful skills # 11.
    is one of the most important skills and avobe the others.

    Is a matter of fact other useful skills take a most priority than many of the others , if you analized them.

    Great post.

    Two items I might add are 1.- HOW TO BE INVISIBLE TO ANYBODY LOOKING FOR YOU FOR YOU. 2.-Get a prearrenge place outside your own contry where freedom is practiced.

    Great post.