Tuesday, September 2, 2008

10 CNI Challenges

Here's a recap of the ten Code Name Insight Challenges:
  1. No Spend Day/Week/Month
  2. Live Out of Your BOB for the Weekend
  3. Make a Fire Without Matches (or a Magnifying Glass)
  4. Can You Walk a Marathon?
  5. Take Public Transportation for a Month
  6. Provide All of Your Food for a Day...Yourself
  7. Do a Long Distance Hike
  8. Earn $500 in One Day
  9. Barter for Something Big
  10. Set Your Own Amazing Goal

The purpose of these challenges? To get you to think outside of the box, to develop creativity, to develop strength in areas you never thought you had, to become better prepared, and to amaze yourself at what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it. Plus, if you can live out of your BOB for a weekend, walk a marathon, survive the Pacific Crest Trail, barter for a car, earn a blackbelt, and rub two sticks together and make fire, you can survive anything!


  1. Wow these really made me think..
    How many have you done?

  2. #1 I have done a no spend day and week but not month.
    #2 I have lived out of my BOB for the weekend (and then I came home and made some changes).
    #3 I haven't made a fire without matches yet. I was going to ask the guy over at Survival Topics if he could do an article on this as he does some pretty cool projects. I can do fint and steel but have had no luck rubbing two pieces of wood together to get fire.
    #4 I have walked a marathon.
    #5 Since the bus experiment, I almost always travel by city bus. The car hardly ever leaves the garage.
    #6 I haven't been able to provide all of my food for a day but I hope to do this during hunting season.
    #7 I would love to do the Pacific Crest Trail as a thru hike but haven't had the time. Yet.
    #8 I have made $500 in one day--with a huge garage sale.
    #9 I bartered for the teeth and small things but I would like to barter for something huge...just haven't figured out what that would be yet.
    #10 My amazing goal is to have enough passive income to travel for one year and not have to worry about work. I'm working on this project right now.

    How about you?