Friday, August 22, 2008

Summer "Finish Up" List

In the northern part of the US, fall will be here in ten days! The summer sure went fast. Here's a "to do" list of things that need to be taken care of before fall gets here:
  • Get the yard prepped for winter (mulch plants, cut the grass, prune shrubs and trees, take care of any possible erosion problems that will show up with winter rains, etc).
  • Have all firewood cut, stacked, and ready for winter.
  • Food production and preservation (canning, freezing, etc) should be in full swing now.
  • Buy a cow and pig for the freezer.
  • Thoroughly clean the house.
  • Sign up for a fall class (at a local college or online) that will help improve your job/income earning skills.
  • Extend the growing season in your garden (make a cold frame, put up a green house, etc).
  • Be sure the gutters and down spouts are clean and in good repair.
  • Make any exterior fixes before the cold weather sets in.
  • Winterize your home if needed (put up the storm windows, put in weather stripping, etc).
  • Be sure the generator is ready to go and that you have fuel on hand for it.
  • Go on a final summer camping trip.
  • Get the kids ready to go back to school (or prep for homeschooling if that's what you do).
  • Bring out the fall and winter clothing and shoes.
  • Put together your fall exercise plan (this may include more options for working out indoors).
  • Be sure your emergency supplies are ready for fall and winter (ie: have equipment and supplies on hand in case of hurricanes, floods, snow storms, etc).
  • Rotate stored food and water.
  • Start saving now for Christmas shopping, Christmas vacation, or other holiday events that include spending money.

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  1. To do lists and goals listed on paper have helped me tremendously through the years. Dreams I had as a high-schooler were put on paper. Twenty years later I found the list and had accomplished most of them. I find that a list, even if I never look at it, somehow imprints itself on my brain and gets accomplished in time. Of course, daily lists help a great deal too.