Saturday, August 2, 2008

Spy Gear

If the time comes when you need to gather information on someone (ie spy on someone) here is the gear you will need. Note that said spying may not be legal/moral/ethical...

  • Cell phone with GPS
  • Binoculars (for surveillance from a distance)
  • Digital camera (for pictures of the person/people/evidence/documents/etc)
  • Digital camcorder (if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth 10,000)
  • Night vision goggles (for better vision at night...)
  • Wireless spy camera(s) (for watching/videotaping the action)
  • Wireless audio device (for listening in)
  • GPS device (for noting locations)
  • Parabolic microphone (for listening over a distance)
  • Voice activated audio recorder (for bugging certain types of locations)
  • See behind spy glasses (gimmicky but they actually work)
  • Telephone voice changer (for making calls, leaving messages with a different voice)
  • Lock pick (for covert entry)
  • Phone tap (for recording phone coversations)
  • Lip reading (a skill that comes in handy sometimes)
  • Computer keystroke logger software (for password grabbing, etc)
  • Remote screenshot software (to see what your mark is seeing)
  • Cell phone spy software (to capture cell phone coversations)
  • Assorted covert audio/video recorders (disguised as a watch, a button an a shirt, a pack of gum, etc)
  • Thumb drive (for copying files)


  1. Would you give a hint of, what model to use on the parabolic microphone???? also ohone voice changer and finnaly cell phone spee software....

    If you do please. just for entertainment and educational purposes.

    Raggedy Man

    Great post!!!!

  2. can also attach a GPS tracking device to a vehicle. Very interesting information could be had from this.

  3. Sorry I can't give you any specific brands for these items. If I need "spying" done (and this has only happened on one occasion when I had a gut feeling that a client was going to be more trouble than I like to deal with), I hire a professional to do it (and it turned out I was right). My policy is to walk away from trouble if at all possible, and things that can be considered stalking or harassment as outlined in many new laws, lead to legal entanglements, lawsuits, and jail time--all of which I avoid. Readers? If you have used any of these items do you have any suggestions?


    A USB drive that looks and functions like a regular pen :)