Thursday, August 7, 2008

Preparedness Foods from Your Local Grocery Store

Decades ago you could tell the "real" (read wealthy) backpackers by the kind of food they brought. A week's worth of Mountain House stuffed in their pack meant they had spent some serious cash before they hit the trail. On the opposite end of the spectrum was a kid I headed up a mountain with who brought a week's worth of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches squished into his pack and that was it. These days, your local grocery store can provide all kinds of vacuum-packed, pre-packaged food that can sustain you for a week-long pack trip all the way up to a year's worth of sheltering in place. Here's some items that I regularly pick up at my local grocery store that have a long shelf life, are light weight, and require minimal cooking if any (this means these foods can be used at home during a disaster or you could toss them into a pack and carry them away if you needed to evacuate):

  • beef jerky
  • nuts
  • dried fruit (raisins, dried apples, dried cranberries, etc)
  • tuna in a foil pouch
  • dried soup mix (ie: cup a soup)
  • tea
  • powered milk
  • powdered drink mixes
  • hot chocolate mix
  • bullion cubes
  • instant gravy mixes
  • minute rice
  • instant noodles with sauce mix
  • jello
  • pudding mix
  • granola bars
  • energy bars
  • instant oatmeal
  • spices
  • dried vegetables (mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes
  • quick cooking pasta (couscous, etc)
  • candy (M&Ms, etc)
  • fruit leather
  • pancake mix
  • Bisquick
  • Parmesan cheese
  • cereal
  • peanut butter
  • instant coffee
  • instant potatoes
  • butter buds
  • packaged curry mix

Note that there are lots more options if weight, cost, or cooking time are not an issue. In addition, if you are looking at long term--five years or more--food storage, you will want to move to the next level such as nitrogen storage, MREs, etc.


  1. Lets not forget that old standby, Bannock!

  2. The problem with the post is taht you cover it pretty damn well.
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    Your blog is read every day...Keep up the good work.

    Some times I dont comment because you tought of everything, making hard to add to your wisdom....

    I thank you for it ( I'm not brown nossing) Just being fair.

    R M.