Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gun Gear--What You Need

In addition to having a nice collection of firearms, most gun owners also have a nice collection of gear. What kind of gear (and other stuff) do you need to go with your firearms? Here's a list:

  • A Concealed Carry Permit
  • A gun safe (a big one for all of your firearms and a small one by the bed)
  • A gun class (or two or three to know how to use your guns and improve your skills)
  • CPR/basic first aid (usually you will be shooting far from the nearest hospital so it pays to know how to take care of basic medical emergencies)
  • Spare magazines/speed loader
  • Mag holders
  • Nice grips/Stocks
  • Binoculars
  • Scopes/sights (laser sights are particularly nice)
  • Targets
  • Shooting glasses
  • Hearing protection
  • Gun cleaning kit
  • Gun case
  • Holster/Sling
  • Ammo case
  • Ammo (lots of it)
  • Small digital camera
  • Shooting gloves
  • Multi tool/spare parts/lube
  • Range bag (include stuff above plus masking tape, stapler, Sharpie marker, Wet Wipes, foam ear plugs, granola bar, ziploc for spent brass, bottle of water)
  • Specialized stuff (for Black Powder, Cowboy Action, Tactical, or other types of shooting)
  • Clothing (ie: I wear a certain jacket at the range only figuring if I wear it through the detectors at the airport it may cause a commotion)
  • Access card to the range


  1. One very important thing that people forget when they carry concealed is to buy a nice belt designed for the job. The wrong belt can make a great holster very uncomfortable.

  2. Aren't you forgetting a firearm and a holster?

  3. These were things that go with your firearms but, um, a holster would also be good...oops