Sunday, August 10, 2008

DPT--Using the Bathroom...When There Isn't One

The first time one goes to the bathroom in a third world country, it's almost always a memorable event. I've seen dozens of varieties of toilets in my travels and most of them aren't like the one I left behind in the US. After an extended trip to a third world country, one of my first reactions upon arrival to the "first world" is "Wow! There's a door. Wow! There's a toilet seat. Wow! There's toilet paper." Funny the things that can cause gleeful happiness after a lengthy trip abroad. Anyway, I ran across this useful article on How to Use a Squat Toilet and realized that this may seem an option that most people would just as well leave alone--either by choosing their hotels carefully overseas or not leaving the country at all, however in a dire situation (disaster, toilet paper shortage, extreme hike in the cost of toilet paper) this may end up being something that people should know how to do. After all, a majority of the world's population already knows how to do this.

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