Thursday, August 14, 2008

Coming Up: Hunting Season

The fall hunting season is big around here. If you plan on hunting this fall, here's some things to do:

  • If you have never hunted, need a refresher, or it is required, complete your hunter's safety course as soon as possible.

  • If you have never hunted or are new to the area, find someone to go with the first few times you head out.

  • Make sure your licenses, permits, and tags are in order; and know the local hunting laws.

  • Plan where you will hunt (do you have a current map of the area, do you need blinds or stands, is there specialized gear you need to get ready based on the location you will be going to).

  • Plan what you will hunt with (ie: what kinds of firearms you will take with you, will you use a bow this season).

  • Make sure your firearms are clean, in good working order, and that the scope is sighted in.

  • Gather your gear (this includes ammo, clothing, field dressing kit, and about a hundred other items). Make sure your clothing is appropriate for the season/area and that it doesn't smell like Bounce.

  • Practice. This means target shooting, improving tracking skills, making sure your dogs are ready if you hunt with them, etc.

  • Do all of the little things that will make your hunt better (these range from applying now to take time off work to knowing basic field first aid to gathering information from other hunters to leaving an itinerary for the spouse to weight training--a good idea if you are going elk hunting, not so necessary for grouse hunting).

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  1. went out with my buddy to the hicking trails I had to give up the strenuous hike because he could not make, gave up the fast. and the slow. We end up with the handicap people because that was the one he cuold tolerate. In the process he stop to have a badly needed cigarrete.

    This was the only time I will invite him trekking.

    The Irony is that he is a HARD CORE SURVIVALIST, he got everything and anything you can imagine. He just can not walk 2 blocks before running out of air.
    To me he is just an arm chair survivalist. He talks wonders, he vivits every site in the net, he buys preps every week and he mocks everyone that doesnt do it.

    I guess he needs a reality check.

    Specially to stop saying "I GOT THIS AND THAT"....

    Me ??????? I GOT NOTHING.....

    You know who I am.