Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What to Put In Your Gun Safe

I think my gun safe is one of the best investments I have made. It is large enough for a fairly good selection of firearms, it is bolted to the wall and floor so it won't be going anywhere without great effort (and a crane--the thing weights a ton!), and most importantly, it is a fire-proof, water-proof, kid-proof place to store all of my valuables. Here's what's in my gun safe:
  • All handguns, rifles and shotguns
  • Ammo. Not all of my ammo, just enough to tide me over in an emergency (the rest of my ammo is stored in various hidden locations around the house).
  • Cash sealed in an air-tight food pouch (like my ammo, I have cash hidden all over as well)
  • Important documents (wills, birth certificates, copies of licenses and passports, etc). These are also sealed in air-tight food pouch.
  • Dri-Z-Air. To keep the guns from rusting
  • Back-up computer files on a jump drive. This drive is updated monthly and also sealed in an air-tight food pouch.
  • Some expensive jewelry and watches that I want to keep secured.
That's about all. Some people like safe deposit boxes but I prefer to keep my important things nearby. Note that you will want to put your gun safe in a well hidden spot (ie: not in view of the general public every time you open your garage door or the window in your bedroom). Also note that your safe is only as secure as it's access points (meaning don't leave the key or combo where anyone can find it).

**Some of these posts may look a bit familiar. I recently reorganized the CNI website to make it less cluttered and am adding some of the content here so bear with me for a couple of more posts until it all gets settled.


  1. I do believe you are a smart person

    My reserve cash is seal vaccum bags from my food processor.inside a pvc pipe (also vaccummed) along with personal defense items and supplies for them in various locations away from the house (just in case of INCH. def: I'm not coming home.)...

    I sincerely hope that you have taken care of those details. I know you have.

    Great choices of movies. I normally analize movies and say to my self wwhat mistakes they made on those scenarios and how could have they made avoid them ????

    And I found the answer in AVOIDANCE

    Raggedy Man.

  2. You are very correct about it being one of the best investment you can buy. I bought mine strictly with firearms in mind originally and never considered everything else I would eventually put in there.

    Now I wish I had gone with a bigger one as I put anything and everything of value in it. Irreplaceable papers, family photographs, small easily portable valuables etc.

    And having a safe location to store firearms, for some reason seems to be conducive to aquireing more for the collection for some reason. lol

  3. Far more complicated than figuring our what to put in a safe is figuring which safe to buy. I research this every now and then, and stop when my eyes begin to glaze over. The overwhelming choices have actually prevented me from buying a safe, though I know that I need to do so. Any advice? Any brands that are known to particularly reliable and worth the extra expense?

  4. I hesitate to recommend any specific item because what works for me may be totally different than what you are looking for. That said, for me, I wanted a reasonably priced gun safe that was fireproof, had a good warranty, and that was larger than I currently needed (I see myself adding more firearms in the future). A specific brand or having the highest-priced, what others would consider the "best" safe, was not important. Anyway, I ended up at Cabela's (with eyes glazed over...I love that store) and purchased a mid-priced, fire rated, 24 gun safe which suits my purposes just fine. Best of luck finding a safe. Hopefully you will do it soon--you never know when you will need it!

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