Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Useful Technology for the Adventurer

If you are prone to take off at a moments notice to travel the world or just work all over the place instead of in a stationary cube, here are some tech items you may want to have with you:
  • Laptop--preferably a very lightweight, small one
  • PDA--all your contacts, calendar, and info on one small device
  • Cellphone--an "unlocked" phone that you can buy a local SIM card for
  • Smart Phone--a Blackberry, iPhone or the like can substitute for the PDA and cell phone
  • Satellite Phone--if you are going into an area with no cell service, this may be an option
  • Computer stuff--mouse, cables, web cam, etc.
  • Digital Camera--a small, easy to carry camera for everything from tourist photos to portraits
  • Thumb Drive--preferably two, one for all of your back-up files and one to use for transferring documents
  • Digital Camcorder--a small one, great for recording your adventures and/or covert surveillance
  • GPS Device--so you won't get lost
  • An iPod type device--to listen to music or watch videos on long flights
  • WiFi Finder--easier to use than breaking out the laptop to see if WiFi is available
  • Spare memory cards--so you can fill them up or replace damaged ones
  • iPod--alleviate boredom and amuse the natives
  • Power converter/adaptor--so you don't toast your appliances when you plug them in at a foreign hotel
  • Earbuds--for your cell/laptop/iPod

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