Sunday, July 27, 2008

If You Think You Don't Have Space to Garden...

Yesterday I stopped by and visited a friend who lives in the city. His house is small, his lot is small, but he has done an amazing job of turning this tiny, run-down space into a food producing garden with a great wood storage area to boot. Come winter he will have plenty of wood for the wood stove and plenty of food canned up as well. It just goes to show that with a lot of effort, and in his case, very little expense, you can turn any area into a viable place to grow some of your own food.

About the pictures: like I said, he has spent very little money to get things set up--I asked him why he was growing many of his veggies in containers and he said it worked better on his small lost since he doesn't have a whole lot of ground to rototil and he can move the plants around to catch the sun. He also noted that since he was planting in containers, he decided to use his old grill when it broke instead of throwing it away and buying "official gardening containers". The same goes for the old sink that he took out of his house when he remodeled it.


  1. Your friend has a keen sense of prevention.

    He knows whats coming or could potentialy come.

    You have shown what is obvious , I can only imagine what youre unable to show.

    Out of those pictures got an idea but I can not disclose it...

    Great post today....

    As I said before, your style of posting is very much appreciated. You treat people with dignity and you do not degrade others..



  2. When I went down to Hartford Connecticut earlier this year I noticed quite a number of pocket gardens on what people down there call "lawns" - which are really just small spaces between houses crowed so close you can just about reach out through a window and touch your neighbor in the other house (No thanks, I like my acreage in the boonies).

    Never-the-less these gardens are producing and if every household did this there would be a significant addition to the total food production of the area.