Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Class Update

I called around today to get the details about preparedness-type classes that are offered in my local area and found out the following (note that this information may or may not be the same in your area):
  • Our local fire department offers free CPR certification classes about twice a month. Since my card is long expired I signed up for their next class.
  • I contacted my local HAM operator's group (found at www.arrl.org) and found out that they offer a free eight week (two hours each Tuesday evening for seven weeks then the licensing test on the eighth week) class that will help you pass the test to get your HAM radio operator's license. The only cost is for the book. I signed up for this too since it is a quiet summer and I have some free time. Also, since sat phones aren't working very well, the emphasis in preparedness circles has switched back to HAM radio so I should at least be licensed to use one!
  • I called a rifle club that I belong to and found out that they offer a three day hunter's education course for the grand total of $15. Since I haven't hunted since I was a kid, I figured this would be a good opportunity to brush up on my skills and get certified at the same time (even though at my age I am not required to have this certification). I was talking to another member of the club about this and although he has been a hunter for years, he decided to take the course too because now in order to hunt in some other states you need to produce proof at completing a hunter's ed course.

Anyway, I was just surprised at first, how very inexpensive it is to get some extra preparedness education and second, how many classes are offered in my area alone. This should be a very educational summer...

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