Monday, July 28, 2008

10 Reasons to Avoid Bad Situations

Some people stumble into the occasional bad situation while others seem to be drawn to them on a daily basis. Here's why you want to avoid bad situations--everything from drugs to embezzlement, from the psycho significant other to bar fights, from legal troubles to underhanded dealing--no matter what:

  1. It takes a toll physically (stress, drugs, fighting, etc can have a significant impact your body)
  2. It takes a toll financially (court fines, bail, legal judgements...the list financial ramifications is long)
  3. It takes a toll emotionally (any major or long term emotional situation such as taking a life or living in a violent situation will impact your emotional development)
  4. It takes a toll on your reputation (people do tend to judge you by your actions and your history and reputations tend to proceed people)
  5. It takes a toll on your relationships (friends and family will lose respect for you, others will avoid you--and the trouble that follows you)
  6. It takes a toll on you psychologically (the loss of peace and living in a continual "high alert" level has an extreme impact on psychological development)
  7. It takes a toll on your security (continually having to watch your back is not a good way to live)
  8. It takes a toll on your productivity (it's difficult to focus on the task at hand when you are stressing over the latest drama)
  9. It takes a toll on your future (the results of many bad situations often carry out far into the future)
  10. It takes a toll on your ability to be prepared...this is a preparedness blog after all... (being prepared means your current situation is taken care of so you can focus on being ready for any disaster that may happen; this is next to impossible to do if you are dealing with the above mentioned repercussions)


  1. Wonderfull topic.

    Lots of good advise.

    Made a few copies to pass around.



  2. Nothing to add to this topic in particular, but just wanted to thank the author for a great blog that is giving me lots to think about.

    Finding a good blog is about as hard as finding a good book it seems.

  3. All you really need to do is use a little common sense. Unfortunately a lot of people are lacking in this department. Excellent post.


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