Sunday, June 29, 2008

DPT--Always Carry a Camera

I don't know when I started carrying a camera with me but it has been a part of my "Go Bag" for years. Whether you carry a camera on your cellphone (most phones have cameras now), a small digital camera, or if you are a photographers and carry a high end camera and a bundle of lenses, always having a camera near can come in handy. Here's how:

  • to document a car accident
  • to take photos of your rental car before you leave the lot to document any damage you don't want attributed to you
  • to photograph once in a lifetime event (tornado, fire, other disaster)
  • to take photos for your website or blog
  • to take pictures of friends and family members
  • to remind yourself of "to do's" (ie: photos of the roof that needs cleaned, the yard that needs some landscaping, etc)
  • to document ideas you may want to remember later (ie: photos of a display at the home show, or photos of the kitchen in a model home)
  • to photograph gift ideas (in other words if you want your spouse to get you a specific item, a picture is worth a thousand words)
  • to take photos of important documents or other evidence you my need later
  • to photograph a crime scene
  • to take action shots (at the fight, football game, shooting range, etc)
  • to document the big catch--a huge fish or buck, for example, before it is turned into freezer-sized packages
  • to take an impromptu photo of you and someone famous (surprisingly this has happened to me a half dozen times over the past few years)
  • to document damage (a broken window, a broken watch, or a broken nose)


  1. Have allways carry a camera, sice the old days of 35mm.

    Never have the opportunity to use it unespectedly but the means are there.

    I now own 2 digitals. I love them!!
    They are compact readyle accesible and got many features. I still have my slr's I taken the batteries out I just dont know why I keep them. ******** Will they fry in a EMP attack?????

  2. Good question. A couple of sources report that an EMT wave will destroy any unshielded electronic equipment. Im sure that means our computers, HAM radios, and TVs will be toast but if the camera is turned off, i'm not sure...

  3. I wonder if I have the really Old ham radio (recreiver and transmiter), VACCUM set is there a posibility that will survive an EMP, the same goes for the old technology cars and T.V. sets.

    They do not have all these gadgets that are prone to damage and very fragile.