Monday, May 26, 2008

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Goals

Since I'm a listy kind of person, I need my daily, weekly, and monthly goals written down and posted front and center in my office in order to achieve them (but mostly so I don't forget what they are). Here's my preparedness/survival goal list:

  • Exercise for one hour
  • Eat right (or at least try to...staves off medical bills and chronic health conditions)
  • Take vitamins (and meds if you need to)
  • Save money (even if it is just pocket change)
  • Peruse the online preparedness/survival sites (there is always more to learn)
  • Update the CNI website and write a blog post (I think everyone should blog because there is so much value in learning what others are doing as well as learning from their successes and mistakes)
  • Do my preparedness goal (I try to set a preparedness goal to meet every day even if it is something as simple as cleaning out a closet in order to have more food storage space or getting the air checked in my tires)
  • Set a preparedness goal for the next day (so I don't have to think about it the next morning and can plan ahead for how to accomplish the goal)
  • Do my weekly grocery shopping and buy a couple of bags of additional food to add to my stockpiled food
  • Practice a skill (this could be anything from shooting at the range to going on a day hike to orienteering, etc)
  • Take a class (this might be a language class, a boating class, a HAM radio operators class, a motorcycle endorsement class, etc)
  • Revamp my survival supplies (I pick a different area to review and update each month--car BOB, house BOB, stockpiled food areas, office BOB, water stores, etc)
  • Do a weekend project (things that take a bit more time such as a camping trip, attending a preparedness conference, participating in a shooting match, setting up a HAM radio station, etc)

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