Friday, May 30, 2008

CNI Challenge #8--Earn $500 in One Day

Here's a challenge that can come in quite handy sometimes. Can you earn $500 cash in one day? Legally? Ethically? The idea here is to be able to meet your emergency financial needs as quickly and effectively as possible while still earning the money in a legal, ethical fashion. First make a list of the things you could do to earn this money (the possibilities are endless--babysit 10 kids at $50 each for a day, cut up and sell a couple of loads of firewood, pressure wash five roofs in your neighborhood, build a website for a local business...). With people facing a variety of financial challenges these days--gas prices and food prices among the leaders--it is important for everyone to be able to, as Dave Ramsey says, get "gazelle intense" and actually meet this type of goal.


  1. I like this CNI challenge part of your website. It's a real gut check. But it's amazing what a single person can do if he wants it bad enough. I made this challenge of $500.00 in a day several times recently - at manual labor. Package your skill as a service, not as labor. Know your stuff and give a bit more "perceived value" than you actually contract for. People will tell their friends, and the referrals will allow you to make $500 in a day another time in the near future.

  2. Thanks for the comment--great advice and positive inspiration for the masses especially in this economy!