Wednesday, May 7, 2008

CNI Challenge #6--Provide All of Your Food for a Day...Yourself

Could you provide all of the food you and your family need for a day? We aren't talking about going to the grocery store or the fast food restaurant to pick something up, but to actually go out and hunt, fish, forage, grow, glean, or otherwise come up with the food you need to sustain your family for a day.

It isn't actually too far of a stretch to see where these types of skills may be necessary in the future. Of course right now you have your minimum one-year supply of food stocked, however, in an apocalyptic world, after your stored food runs out, what would you do?

Consider all of the options near your home for securing enough food to cover three meals for the entire family for a day. Can you go fishing? Go hunting? Gather shellfish? Harvest items from your garden? Forage for wild edibles? Would you be able to provide a relatively balanced meal? Sure a duck would make a nice meal but if you could only provide a duck and no vegies or carbs, your sustenance plan would not last for very long. Try to come up with a wide range of items with the least amount of effort.
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