Monday, April 28, 2008

What Will You Spend Your Tax Rebate On?

Tax rebate checks should be appearing in your mailbox soon. As a "stimulus" rebate, the government would be more than happy if you spend your rebate on:

  • Big screen TVs
  • iPhones
  • Eating out
  • Computers
  • Clothes
  • Any other in a long list of consumer goods
Here at CNI we suggest you spend your rebate on the following items:
  • Pay off debts (credit cards, taxes, back child support, any other consumer debt)
  • Put it towards your emergency fund (you should have at least six months worth of household expenses saved for a rainy day)
  • Put it with your next house payment to pay towards the mortgage loan principle (the goal is to be totally debt free as soon as possible, including your house and car debts)
  • Buy a firearm, gold, or any other item that holds its value (TVs, computers, cars, clothes, etc don't meet this criteria)
  • Purchase items to add to your emergency preparedness supplies: food, fuel, tools, other survival supplies, etc.

Like anything, you can do what the crowd is doing or you can use your own good sense and decide for yourself the wisest way to spend this money.


  1. It's too funny when you think about it: the government is giving you back some of the tax money it takes from your hard earned paychecks in order to stimulate the economy.

    The gov is thereby indicating that taxes hurt the economy.

  2. Hola:

    Segui su consejo hace tiempo.

    aprendi otra lengua, compre casa fuera de USA. tengo todo en ella. stoy preparado para emergencia, disastere.

    usted debe prepararse igual como yo en la Argentina. un pais muy bello igual a europa.

    Come join us. When I took this step I was afraid of failure. I dont regret not one bit.

    You were right. Another language, an alternative BOL.

    I now have a business and house.

    Doing well. Even in a bad economy.