Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Other Side of the Story

The media tends to blow most everything out of proportion. The more a story can be twisted to scare the general public, it seems, the more the media is happy to oblige with stories, commentaries, and sound bites, run ad nauseum, until the general public barely wants to leave their home out of fear.
As with most situation, there is often two sides to every story and the truth usually falls somewhere in the middle. Take a look at the following articles to get "the other side of the story".

The bottom line, as we state over and over again, is that no matter what people are saying or what people are doing, it is your responsibility to be prepared for anything that could happen. Panic preparations aren't what we are talking about here. What you need to do is make slow and steady progress, each day, in your preparedness efforts.

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  1. Big media thrives on sensationalism. This is largely because that is one of the best ways to generate readers / viewers. The common herd is not looking for the truth: they want entertainment.