Sunday, April 13, 2008

How Prepared Are You?

It always interests me to find out how prepared people really are. I know people who should be very prepared (they work in industries where preparedness is paramount) but they would be hard pressed to put together a basic BOB, let alone have enough stored food/water/supplies to weather a multi-week disaster. They never exercise so the possibility of them out running a disaster is remote to put it nicely, and they are lazy about something as simple as backing up their files regularly. Then there is the quiet, librarian-type lady who always carries a concealed weapon, can rewire a car, and has a gardening "hobby" that could keep her family in food for months.
Now that I know there are a few people reading this blog, let me know about you. How prepared are you? What are your preparedness goals? What would be your ideal state of preparedness? What are your best sources for preparedness information, supplies, and training? What challenges have you faced on your path to preparedness? When have your preparedness skills, supplies, and/or training helped you out of a tough situation? Anything else?

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