Saturday, April 12, 2008

25 Medical Skills You Need to Know

You never know when you will be faced with a medical emergency. Would you know what to do? Here are 25 basic medical skills that everyone should know:

  1. How to do CPR
  2. How to use an AED
  3. How to do the Heimlich Maneuver
  4. How to take a pulse and a temperature
  5. How to take a blood pressure
  6. How to backboard and C-collar a patient
  7. How to clean, medicate, and dress a wound
  8. How to immobilize a fractured limb
  9. How to treat someone who is in shock
  10. How to control bleeding
  11. How to treat a burn
  12. How to recognize and treat an allergic reaction
  13. Appropriate use of medications (prescription, over the counter, and naturopathic)
  14. How to care for someone who is ill
  15. How to identify and treat common illnesses
  16. How to suture a wound
  17. How to treat infections
  18. How to identify and care for someone with a head injury
  19. How to prevent the spread of disease and infection
  20. How to deliver a baby
  21. How to give an injection
  22. How to identify and treat poisoning
  23. What Universal Precautions are and why you need to use them
  24. How to treat environmental emergencies
  25. How to know when to seek advanced medical assistance

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  1. So many sites like yours neglect to discuss these important aspects - concentrating instead on guns and butter. But health is A#1, without which very little else matters. Good post.