Monday, January 7, 2008


Is there someone you need to communicate with and you have their phone number and email address and that's it? Consider, and plan for future communications with, the most important people in your life by knowing how to get a hold of them in the following ways:
    • Email
    • Cell phone
    • Home phone
    • Office phone
    • Fax
    • Text messaging (cell to cell or computer to cell)
    • Skype or other VOIP system
    • Instant messenger
    • Twitter
    • Sat Phone
    • CB/HAM radio
    • Through their website and/or yours
    • Through a mutual friend
    • By mail (at home, PO Box, office and/or ghost address)
    • In a chat room
    • By leaving/retrieving a written message at a predetermined location (dead drop/live drop)
    • Via secret message (a message in code, in Braille, or steganography)


    1. Since nobody else has posted this yet I guess I will. Are you somehow related to the find 815 game or is it just a coincidence that your post here sounds so related.

    2. I like your blog, interesting stuff. Will be checking in. Just so you know, with the dharma pics in stockpiling you've got a lot of LOST conspiracy theorist all fired up on our find815 yaplet.

    3. No relation...have never heard of the find 815 game.