Friday, September 7, 2007

DPT--Is Your Go Bag Ready to Go?

Is your 'Go Bag' ready to go? Now is a good time to dump everything out of your Go Bag and revamp/reorganize it for maximum usefulness. If you don't know what should be put in your Go Bag, check out other people's bags here, here and here. Your Go Bag should carry the items you need most to get you through an ordinary day. A Go Bag is different than a BOB in that you shouldn't expect to survive on its contents for weeks on end (that's what a BOB is for), however if worse comes to worse, you should have contained in this bag the items you need to carry you through an overnighter at your office or a hotel.

On a personal side note, carry the minimum that you need. I've seen some bags that weigh nearly 50 pounds (!) and people carry these everywhere with them. I hope they have a chiropractor on speed dial....

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