Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Preparedness Bookshelf

As much as more and more of our reading, research and education is conducted online, it is still a good idea to have a basic set of actual *books* to refer to in times of emergency (or boredom). Here is a basic list of books that should reside on your preparedness bookshelf:
  • The Encyclopedia of County Living by Carla Emery
  • Back to Basics by Readers Digest Editors
  • Where There is No Doctor by David Werner
  • Wilderness Medicine: Beyond First Aid by William Fogery
  • Where There is No Dentist by Murray Dickson
  • Medicine for the Outdoors by Paul Auerbach
  • SAS Survival Handbook by John Wiseman
  • Putting Food By by Janet Greene
  • Preparedness Now by Civilian
  • Organize for Disaster by Judith Kolberg
  • Edible and Medicinal Plants (look up this title on Amazon and order the version suited to your location)
  • Primitive Wilderness Living and Survival Skills by John and Geri McPherson
  • Primitive Technology by David Wescott
  • US Army Survival Manual by Department of Defense
  • New Fix It Yourself Manual by Readers Digest
  • How to Be Invisible by JJ Luna
  • Privacy Crisis by Grant Hall
  • SAS Urban Survival Handbook by John Wiseman
  • How to Survive Anything, Anywhere by Chris McNab
  • Wilderness Survival by Mark Elbroch and Michael Pewtherer

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