Monday, August 27, 2007

DPT--Personal Safety Habits

Habits, those things we do repeatedly and many times unconsciously, can be bad (smoking) or good (see below). Today's daily preparedness tip will focus on habits you can develop that will add an extra layer of safety to your daily life.

You may have developed a set of habits either through trial and error or through training that make you just a bit more prepared, just a bit safer and just a bit more aware than others. Here are some habits that I have developed over the years:
  • I shred everything with personal information on it immediately.
  • I lock doors as soon as I enter or leave--this includes car doors, the door to my home and the door to my office unless I am expecting someone.
  • I am consistently inconsistent. I never leave my home or office at the same time, I don't frequent any particular place (ie: coffee shop, gas station, bars, deli), and I never have a "routine" day.
  • I delete all web history (TIFs, browsing history, cookies) as soon as I exit my browser.
  • I keep everything under lock and key (files, personal documents, weapons, etc).
  • A few good habits: I exercise every day no matter what, I take vitamins daily, and floss my teeth daily.
  • I generally don't eat at restaurants but if I must, I always sit where I have a good view of what is going on. Also, I rarely ever go to bars unless absolutely necessary.
  • I plan ahead for the things I need to do (ie: if I need money I will get it from a public ATM in a busy location in the middle of the day--you'll never find me running out at midnight to an ATM in an isolated location). Ditto for any activity that could put me in a vulnerable situation (in foreign countries, I call up my local contacts to meet me as soon as I get off the plane; if I know that the flu may be particularly bad this year, I get a flu shot; if I have a meeting in an unfamiliar location, I check the place out ahead of time).
  • I save money religiously. Every day I put money aside (whether it be into the bank, into an investment, or into my coin jar) and never spend it unless it is a dire emergency. If I must spend this savings, it is replenished as soon as possible.
  • I pay cash for everything. The only time I will use a credit/debit card or a check is for renting a car or hotel room, paying for a flight or paying bills. Everything else (gas, food, weapons, other sundries) is paid for with cold hard cash.

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