Thursday, August 2, 2007

DPT--What to Keep Under Your Bed

If you look under my bed, here's what you'll find: a pair of tennis shoes, a flashlight, a pair of work gloves, and a knotted rope. Next to my bed is my wallet, cell phone and keys. Should a fire, earthquake or other disaster strike at night when I am sound asleep, these items will help me safely escape from my house.

Shoes are a necessity to protect your feet during an escape, a flashlight will help illuminate your way if something happens at night and there is no power, gloves are needed in case you need to move things out of your way to escape (ie: broken window glass), the rope is needed to help you escape from second story room (if your bedroom is on the first floor this won't be needed), and of course your wallet/cell/keys are necessary to be able to leave the scene of the disaster, pay for a hotel room and contact loved ones.

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