Tuesday, August 21, 2007

30 Simple Home Safety Tips

Home security is of the utmost importance. Considering that many people spend more than half of their lives in their homes and that it is the "cocoon" where we return to for comfort and safety. making our home as safe and secure as possible should be our highest priority. Here are 30 tips to help you get started:
  1. Install peep holes in front and back doors.
  2. All exterior doors as well as the door to the garage from inside your home and the door to your safe room should be solid core.
  3. All exterior doors and the door from inside your home to the garage should should have dead bolt locks on them.
  4. Take your name off of your mailbox, house, and any signs in your yard and leave only your address.
  5. Install flood lights with motion sensors outside your home and out buildings.
  6. Have locking screen doors and windows that can be locked into position when they are opened or closed.
  7. Have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and in the garage.
  8. Keep all doors (front, back, sliders, garage, and outbuilding) locked unless you are actively using them.
  9. Have an interior light or two on a random timer.
  10. Ensure all smoke detectors are working properly.
  11. Have a completely fenced yard.
  12. Have a locking doggy door that can be locked when you aren't home.
  13. Protect sliding glass doors and windows with a "stop pin" or dowel in the slider track. Also consider security glass.
  14. Keep the exterior of your home as "average" looking as possible.
  15. Use a fireproof and waterproof safe for valuables and have it bolted to the floor or wall studs in an out-of-the-way location.
  16. Trim brushes or trees that could hide someone trying to break into your home or better yet, plant roses or other thorny bushes under windows.
  17. Have the chimney cleaned as needed.
  18. Install a carbon monoxide detector.
  19. Consider installing an audio and video surveillance system both inside and outside your home.
  20. Change or re-key the locks to your home as soon as you move in and after roommates/service providers/other with keys are no longer working or living with you.
  21. If you leave items such as air conditioners permanently in place, make sure they are bolted in place and not just balanced on the windowsill.
  22. Put a simple slide bolt on the trap door to your crawl space and attic.
  23. Don't leave items outside that could draw the attention of burglars or prowlers (ie: ladders, tools, expensive and easily stolen items, etc.).
  24. If you decide to use a commercial security service for your home go for quality--not just the cheapest price or the one that all of the neighbors use.
  25. Don't leave your spare key under the mat or in the flower pot, or any other spot that a burglar might find it.
  26. Make sure people can't see into your home both during the day and at night (go outside during both of these times and see what others see when they look through the windows of your home).
  27. Never have any outward-facing hinges on exterior or safe room doors.
  28. Install an automatic garage door opener in lieu of opening the door manually.
  29. Change any pre-set codes (ie: garage door opener, safe, gunsafe, answering machines, etc) to your own secure code.
  30. Get a dog.

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