Saturday, June 2, 2007

TB or Not TB

After I read this article on Rockwell I had to shudder. Not being fond of government control, I will be the first one on the bandwagon to protect the freedoms of myself or anyone else. However, an infectious person who knowingly acts in a way that could compromise the health (and therefore freedom) of anyone within spitting distance resolutely does not have the freedom to travel as he pleases.

Isolation and quarantine issues are a hot topic at just about every infectious disease conference these days. It's an issue that the government wrestles with and that the public should be very concerned about. One would think that a government order to stay home and not contaminate the public wouldn't be necessary and common sense would prevail in such a situation, especially for a self proclaimed "well educated, highly intelligent" person, but, alas, my faith in people taking responsibility for themselves in this society of "entitlement" is waning.

Many people are all for freedom when things are going well. However, with freedom comes responsibility. The responsibility to make the best choices for yourself as well as your neighbors (and in this ever-shrinking world your neighbors could be here, Italy or Asia). is a responsibility that should be shared by all.

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