Saturday, June 23, 2007

10 Things I Have With Me Always

If you had to escape at a moments notice, what would you take with you? Of course everyone should have a BOB (actually three BOBS: one in your house, one in your car and one in your office) that they could grab in a moments notice which would sustain them for an indeffinite period. However, for daily carry, I always have about ten items with me that I could use to survive should I need to make a hasty exit and not return any time soon.
  1. Cash (this usually varies from $200 to $500)
  2. Good quality pocketknife (I've had this so long it's like an extension of my arm)
  3. All pertinent info on a jump drive (scanned important documents, work info, photos, etc)
  4. An untraceable cell phone (pre-paid with the load--minutes--always topped off)
  5. Firearm/ammo/CCP
  6. A laminated list of important numbers/email addresses
  7. My passport
  8. Untraceable credit card
  9. Tiny emergency supply pack (has a small flashlight, floss, needle, safety pin, rubber band, condom, aspirin, small lighter, handi wipe).
  10. A 'Plan B' and a 'Plan C' for every situation


  1. pls explain #4&8?

  2. #4--In the States, many cell phones are linked to a monthly account with, of course, all of the account holder's information easily accessible. It is always a good idea for privacy's sake to have a pre-paid type cell phone that has no connection to you, the calls you make or your location (via GPS or tower pings). In other countries such as the Philippines you simply purchase a cell and a sim card then reload the minutes yourself so the cell is not traceable to you.
    #8 Nearly all credit cards are likewise, linked to a specific person and their credit information. Pre-paid credit cards are available that are not linked to a specific person--you simply pre-pay however many hundreds of dollars you would like on the card then "refill" it as needed.

  3. Thank you. I had the cell phone right but wasn't aware of prepaid credit cards.