Tuesday, May 29, 2007

You Can Never Get Too Much Education

Summer is here and my calendar is full of upcoming classes, conferences, seminars and and other training programs. There is always more to learn, new skills to try out, and different survival/preparedness areas to take a look at. Generally you will find some redundant information as can be expected from classes in this niche area, but overall this is an excellent time of year to polish up your abilities and update your repertoire of preparedness/survival skills.

One course I will be taking this summer is a four-day trauma medic skills class. Although I have no plans to work either in trauma care or as a medic, you really can never get too much education. Preparedness is not just about having a first aid kit, stockpiling a year's worth of food or knowing how to shoot a gun. Preparedness encompasses so many disciplines that you could actually take a course a day for the next decade and still not be completely prepared for everything. Preparedness is, and always will be, learning as much as possible, practicing as much as possible and playing the "what if" game in every conceivable situation...then getting yourself ready for the possibilities.

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