Sunday, May 20, 2007

Finally Some Publicity About Military Body Armor

I was pleased to see the Dateline story on Dragon Skin body armor this evening. The controversy over using this type of body armor by our military members as opposed to the "officially approved by the US military" body armor has been dragging on for quite a while but I guess the powers-that-be required a public media shaming in order to get this type of body armor re-evaluated for use by our military members. Common sense, requests from the troops, and factual data seemed to have failed to persuade our military leaders to consider approval of Dragon Skin for the regular troops (although interestingly enough it could be used by certain members of the Special Forces...go figure). Anyway, let's hope that public pressure will overrule all of the behind-the-scenes dealings and allow our troops to use the best possible products to increase their safety on the battle field.

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