Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Welcome to the CNI Blogspot

Welcome to the new Code Name Insight blog. After years of working on the website (www.codenameinsight.com), I figured it's about time to add a more personal point of view to the site. It is the goal of CNI to update the Daily Insight section with articles and information that will make our readers better prepared, better educated, and better able to take care of themselves in any situation that they may encounter. In this section, however, readers will get the editorial version of the latest news, reviews of the most useful products, random thoughts and any other thing that strikes us as important.
p.s. A huge thank you to our thousands of CNI visitors each month.

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  1. It's October 2011 and I have just spend a few evenings working my way backwards through time and reading the hundreds excellent blog posts on this site. An invaluable resource with lots of great information. Please keep blogging!