The purpose of this website is to teach you to be prepared, aware, and ready for anything life throws your way.  There is A LOT going on in our world.  Making sense of everything is not always easy, and listening to the media (both social and mainstream) will make you even more confused.  By using the resources found below as well as information provided in the CNI blog (see sidebar) and most importantly, taking action (whether that means exercising every morning, spending your disposable income on gear, or taking a class on a survival topic) you will be miles ahead of the average person when (not if) disaster strikes.

Note: If you are thinking “gee, this website looks different” you are right.  After the site crashed and burned (with no backup), we are back to square one so this site will be in a state of “under construction” for the next week or so. Please be patient and check back often for updates.

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