Giant CNI Link List



Alpha Group–excellent list of survival articles

Captain Dave’s–survival info and sales

Ready 4 It All–survival and prep info

Frugal Squirrel–a resource for patriots, survivalist

Blue Wolf–preparedness info and articles

Gentle Survivalist–preparedness and survival links

Knowledge is the Killer of Fear–prep and survival

Getting Out Alive–urban and wilderness survival

Worst Case Scenarios–from the book, good info

Come Back Alive–RYP’s site

Epicenter–couple of basic preparedness pages

Survival Outdoor Skills–as the name says…

Millennium Ark–preparedness and other info

UFL Disaster Guide–disaster info from UFL

Ready–prepare, plan, stay informed

Tracker School–Tom Brown’s place

Equipped to Survive–info, supplies, blog

Wilderness Survival–long list of survival info

Survivalist–great list of info

End Times Report–self reliant living

Steve Quayle–survival and other info

Uncle Dave’s–good survival links

Preparedness Now–basic preparedness info

Australian Survivalist–great info and links

Center for International Disaster Information–info

Hoods Woods–check out the articles in the library

Old Jimbo’s–great survival index

Weather Safety–weather-related safety info

HHS–government disaster and preparedness info

Nuclear War Survival Skills–free online book

Survival Skills and Techniques–great list of links

M4040–wilderness survival info

Survival Links–survival and self sufficiency links

Survival IQ–good survival info

Provident Living–informative info from the Mormons

Project Disaster–huge list of disaster links/info

Survival Topics–survival articles

Survive the Next Disaster–list of survival articles

DRSP–disaster strategies

Mrs Survival–basic survival info

Don Rearic–survival info

Survival and Self Reliance–survival info

Hollowtop–primitive living skills

The Survival Mom–excellent survival and prep info

Arms Control Wonk–WMD, intel, arms, etc.

Alphecca–”from a Libertarian gun nut in Vermont”

Emergency Preparedness Tips–as the name says

Survival Bill–survival and bush-craft info

Mr Completely–shooting, fishing, and more

These Uncertain Times–survive uncertain times

Fallout Shelter 653–preparedness/survival blog

Stealth Survival–”staying above the water line”

SHTF Blog–survivalist blog

Ron’s Primitive Skills–primitive skills and info

TEOTWAWKIAIFF–preparedness, rights, etc

The Survivalist Blog–survival, prep tips

Unsheltered Life–survival blog

Urban Survival Techniques–as the name says…

Gallimaufree–suburban survival blog

Daily Survival–survival blog

Off-Grid Survival–survival and off-grid living info

Destiny Survival–survival gear and info

Survivalism Textfiles–huge amount of survival info

The Shrugging Out Podcast–survival podcasts

Survival Blog–preparedness and survival info

Self Reliance Workshop–self sufficiency, prep

NYC Survival–city survival blog

Keep It Simple Survival–survival tips and topics

Survival Cache–survival gear, news and info

Red Cross Preparedness Links–good list of links

Plan for Workplace Emergencies and Evacuations

Stocking Up–fill your survival pantry

Off the Grid News–ideas for living off the grid

Urban Survival Guide–survival and prep info

My Adventures in Self Reliance–prep and survival

SHTF school–survival blog, war stories

Preparedness Pro–peparedness tips and info

SHTF Plan–preparedness and survival info

God, Gals, Guns, Grub–prep info

Sgt Rock’s Hiking HQ–hiking skills, gear, etc.

M4040–wilderness survival skills

Ranger Rick SOS–outdoor survival skills

Wilderness Survival–info and forums

Wildwood Survival–outdoor skills

Outdoor Survival–list of tips from survival books

Strategic Living–urban survival

Daily Anarchist–individual liberty, free market, property rights, etc

Time Bomb 2000–world events forum

Black Flag Cafe–RYP’s Come Back Alive forums

The Hoodlums–Hood’s Woods forums

Survivalist Boards–survival forum

Yahoo Preplinks Group–survival info

Prepared Society–preparedness forum

Reddit Survival Forum–survival/preparedness info

Backdoor Survival–survival and preparedness info



Firearms Tactical–tactical firearms info

NRA–National Rifle Association

IPSC–International Practical Shooting

Front Sight–firearms training

Massad Ayoob Group–firearms training

Thunder Ranch–firearms training

Firing Line–firearms info and forums

Gun Owners of America–Washington gun lobby

Gun Laws–state-by-state firearms info

Geeks With Guns–firearms forums, and other info

Keep and Bear Arms–firearms news and info

Gunsite–firearms training

Armed Citizens–2nd amendment news and info

E Gun–info and classifieds

Where To Shoot–as the name says…

Gun Laws, Gun Control, Gun Rights–legal info

Guned–supporting firearms freedom

Gun Blast–online magazine

Gun Facts–stats and data e-book

Sniper Country–”one shot, one kill”

The Martialist–firearms and self-defense

Snipers Paradise–sniper training, news, and info

Firearms Academy of Seattle–firearms training

Calibre Press–firearms training

Fort Liberty–info on freedom and liberty

Patrick Kelly’s Multi-Gun–practical shooting info

Firearms Coalition–firearms news and info

CSAT–combat shooting and tactics

American Tactical Shooting Association–info

InSights Training Center–firearms training

The First Shot–Civilian Marksmanship Program

Gun Talk–firearms radio program

Hunt and Shoot–hunting and shooting info

Second Amendment Foundation–protect freedom

Gun Cite–gun control/second amendment issues

Glock Sport Shooting Foundation–news and info

Guns Lot–firearm info, forums, and articles

Gun School–firearms training

Handguns Magazine–weapon and training info

GPS Sniper Training–sniper school

Encyclopedia of Bullseye Pistol–lots of good info

Gun Broker–online gun auction

Open Carry–”an unexercised right is a right lost”

USCCA–concealed carry news and info

Defensive Shooting Academy of Tulsa–firearms

Force Science Institute–deadly force info

Trade Guns–firearms forum and classifieds

Firearms For You–firearms and gear

Executive Gun Runners–firearms and accessories

USA Carry–open and concealed carry info

Close Focus Research–ballistics research

Packing Pretty–concealed carry for women

Recoil Magazine–firearms news and info

Everyday Carry Forums–forums on daily carry

Defensive Carry Forums–concealed carry forums


Military/Tactical Information

Global Security–reliable security info

Special Ops–gear, chat, info, et al

S2–mind tools for tactical intelligence

Sniper Central–info, forums, blogs, etc.

Israeli Special Forces–Israeli Special Forces info

Navy Seals–lots of SEAL info

Black Five–supporting the troops

The Spy Who Billed Me–”the war on terror”

CNet Military Tech–military and tech info

Alive in Baghdad–Iraq blog

Blogs of War–war blogging and other info

Fifteen Months–an Army wife’s deployment journal

The Fourth Rail–military info and more

Small Wars Journal–blog and info on “small wars”

Lightfighter Tactical Forum–tactical issues forum

Janes–leading global insight provider

Special Forces–huge list of SF links

Back to Iraq–covering the Iraq war

Strategic Forecasting–international intelligence

MI5–info about the UK’s MI5

IISS–Intl Institute for Strategic Studies

Strategy Page–military news, intelligence, info

Defense Daily Network–defense news and info

AFIO–Association for Intelligence Officers

Futurewar–old site but some interesting info

Relief Web–good list of current country info

Military–info for military members, retirees, etc.

Special Warfare Training and School–info

Center for Strategic and International Studies

Special Tactics–documents, videos, store, info

Combat Control–USAF info

TECOM–military training and education info

Air War College–excellent education links

Orders of Battle–war info

Periscope1–military news, weapon info, etc.

Military Spot–military info, gear, forums, etc.

World Intelligence and Security Agencies–intel

EMT Tactical–tactical EMS info

On Point–tactical tracking school


ROMAD–supporting the TACP community

Keystone Soldiers–supporting those at war

Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin–intel info

Globemaster–military aviation info

SIS–Brittish Secret Intelligence Service site

Defense Tech–military, LE and security info

SWAT Digest–SWAT training and info

Any Soldier–supporting soldiers in harm’s way

Iraq Casualties–Iraq Coalition casualty count/info

Marine Corps Times–news from the USMC

Military Field Manuals–huge list!

Army Field Manuals–lots of ‘em

Tactical Life–tactical news and info

Where Are the Carriers?–location of carriers

Wired Danger Room–’next in national security’

Tactical Gearhead–gear reviews and info

ITS Tactical–tactical news and info

Together We Served–military social network


Join Up

Navy–’The US Navy Welcomes You Aboard’

Army–official site of the US Army

Air Force–official site of the US Air Froce

Marines–The Few. The Proud.

Coast Guard–official site of the USCG

French Foreign Legion–official site of the FFL

Peace Corps–the mother of all volunteer programs

Navy Seals–Sea. Air. Land. Online.



Threats and Alerts

Adjutant–threats/hazards briefings

GDACS–Global Disaster Alert System

RSOE EDIS–disaster alert map

Global Incident Map–updated list of incidents

USGS Earthquake Map–earthquake info

ASI Hotspots–daily updated list of threats


Risk Management/PMCs/Security Services

IACSP-terrorism and anti-terrorism info

NSI–National Security Institute

ICT–International Institute for Counter-Terrorism

TACDA–The American Civil Defense Association

CI Centre–advanced counter-terrorism info

Flashpoint–international security

Academi–elite training

Engility–risk management, formerly MPRI

AKE Group–risk management and training

ICI–international aviation charters

Aegis–specialist risk management

Hart Group–integrated security

G4S–international security solutions

Kroll–helping protect employees and assets

BAE Systems–formerly Armorholdings

Intl Peace Operations Assn–stability ops

Dyncorp–intelligence, training, special ops

Control Risks Group–specialist risk consultancy

CACI–supporting the nations vital priorities

United PMC–info on wide range of PMCs

Special Tactical Services–firearms/tactical training

AirScan–air-born security services

KBR–supporting infrastructure, global engineering

mi2g–global risk specialists

World Protection Group–exec protection

Global Rescue–emergency medical evacuation

G1 Tactical Solutions–security, investigations, training

Trinity Executive Services–security consultants

Executive Security International–protection training

Executive Protection Institute–executive protection

TSCM-technical surveillance countermeasures

Onin–latent print experts

ASI–global risk management

Security Driver–security driver training and articles

IJet–intelligence risk systems

Intelliguide–risk management info

EUBSA–security services and info

S2 Institute–safety and intelligence network

Gryphon Group–specialized combat training

Rescue Training Inc–EMT and medic training

Bomb Security–explosive-related security info

Control Risks Group–executive/corporate security

Security Services Northwest–security services

Corporate Security Intl–corporate security

Murray Associates–eavesdropping and wiretapping

ERTI–emergency response training

Paladin Intelligence Services–intelligence info

Society for Risk Analysis–security/risk analysis

Security Management Online–security mgmt

ASIS–security training and info

SpecOps–global survival training

Crisis Response International–crisis training

ICEP Ltd–corporate and executive protection

Enterprising Security–executive protection

30,000 Feet–aviation security links

Info Guys–private investigation info

Be A Bounty Hunter–how to guide and classes

Bail Resource Center–bail agent, notary classes


Safety and Security Information

Live Safely–good tips and articles

Planet Data–security news network

Aviation Security News–as the name says…

Personal Safety Police Notebook–security info

Spytrainer–educational articles and books for spies

100+ Spybuster Tips–excellent tips and info

Crime Doctor–security and safety articles and info

Kevin’s Security Scrapbook–privacy, espionage, etc

Bruce Schneier–cryptography info and a great blog

CSO Online–corporate security info

Nuclear Threat Initiative–to reduce global threats

Surveillance State–CNET blog on surveillance

Commonwealth Institute–terrorism info


Conspiracies and Cover-ups

Project Censored–censored news

Junk Science–”all the junk that’s fit to debunk”

Conspiracy Theories and Global Threats–threats

What Really Happened–another take on the news

Propaganda Matrix–”exposing the 4th Reich”

Prison Planet–turning into a prison planet

Project on Government Oversight–gvmt oversight

Government Accountability Project–ditto

Above Top Secret–forum for alternative topics

Shadow Government–the shadow government

Think About It–”in search of the truth”

Want To Know–info on health, media, war, etc.

What Does It Mean–”the news you need today”

True Conspiracies–summary of conspiracies

Jeff Rense–conspiracies, et al

Police State Planning–development of police state

Secrets of Survival–survival, last days, etc.

The Conspiracy Zone–conspiracies, etc.



Privacy Times–privacy, FOIA and policy

Privacy Rights–privacy info and advocacy

EPIC–electronic privacy info

GILC–global internet liberty campaign

Privacy–privacy news, info and action

CDT–Center for Democracy and Technology

Privacy International–surveillance and privacy

Electronic Frontier Foundation–digital freedom

Freedom Forum–free press, free speech

ACLU–the grand daddy of civil rights advocacy

Net Action–the virtual activist

Privacilla–privacy as a public policy issue

Invisible Privacy–blog by JJ Luna

Guerrilla Mail–anonymous email



Who’s Watching You?

Experian–credit reporting agency

Equifax–credit reporting agency

TransUnion–credit reporting agency

Case Breakers–public records search

Medical Information Bureau–medical info

ZabaSearch–find people

Zillow–real estate valuation, just enter an address

Intelius–public info search

Criminal Watch Dog–criminal background checks

Veromi–background checks

SentryLink–background checks

Peoplefinders–people search

Who Is Sick?–illness tracking system

Get My FBI File–a how to

IP Address Map and Locator–IP address info

CrimCheck–background checks

Criminal Pages–background checks

Infopages–free people search tool

Spokeo–not your grandmother’s white pages

Snoop Station–free background checks

Free Background Checks USA–free info

Stolen Camera Finder–GPS camera tracker


Crime and Police

Unsolved Mysteries–from the TV show

America’s Most Wanted–from the TV show

Interpol–international police

Crime Library–criminal minds and methods

NCIC–national crime info center

Vidocq Society–crime solving organization

Gang Rule–American mafia and organized crime

Police One–police and law enforcement info

Fugitive Hunter–top 100 fugitives

Police and Security News–LE and HS info

National Criminal Justice Reference Service–info

JUSTNET–justice tech info

Officer–LE and public safety info

ESIA–anti-stalking info

The Smoking Gun–legal/court info

Real Police–law enforcement info

Police Magazine–online community for cops

Perverted Justice–online predators

NTOA–National Tactical Officer’s Organization

FBI Sex Offender Registry–registries for all states

The Doe Network–missing/unidentified persons

Family Watchdog–list of registered sex offenders

Texas EquuSearch–search and recovery team

NecroSearch–search for clandestine gravesites

Rate My Cop–check out the cops in your town

Crime Report–online crime mapping

NAMUS–missing and unidentified persons

The Innocence Project–helping the innocent

The Innocence Network–freeing the innocent

VineLink–victim notification network



Johnny Jet–travel info

Travelocity–air/hotel/etc tickets

Orbitz–air/hotel/etc tickets

Expedia–air/hotel/etc tickets

Cheaptickets–air/hotel/etc tickets

Hotwire–air/hotel/etc tickets

Cheapflights–discount airlines tickets

Fare Compare–compare airline ticket prices

Best Fares–discount airfares

Air Ninja–discount airline tickets

Airtreks–international and multi-city airfares

US Servas–international host and traveler network

Incredible Adventures–adventure travel

Universal Packing List–packing list generator

Earth Calendar–holidays around the world

World Time–current time around the world

US Embassies and Consulates–as the name says

Embassies–database of world’s embassies

State Department–US State Department

Exchange Rates–currency exchange rate converter

Mapquest–the mapping program

International Country Calling Codes–calling codes

Time Dial–time zones, dialing codes, etc.

I Travel, You Travel–travel forums

Bugbog–travel guide

GORP–travel and outdoor recreation information

Globe Trekker–from the TV show

Walkabout Travel Gear–trekking news and info

Worlds Best Bars–as the name says…

Travel Insider–travel news and articles

City Town Info–info on cities and towns

TrafficLand–traffic cams from around the world

Army MWR Travel Pages–MWR travel info

World Atlas–online world atlas

World Airport Directory–info on world airports

Crew Start–airline crew portal

Guide to Sleeping in Airports–a how to guide

TSA Wait Times–airport security wait times

TSA–Transportation Security Administration

Flight Stats–track flight status, airport delays, etc.

Avoid Delays–avoid airline delays news and info

Independent Traveler–excellent travel news

Boots N All–travel network

Brave New Traveler–great travel articles

Couch Surfing–an interesting alternative to hotels

Frugal Monkey–travel resources

Gas Buddy–gas price database

NG Adventure Travel–from National Geographic

World Travel Guide–travel info and articles

Backpacking Travel–travel news and info

World Travels–events, reviews, and country info

PPRuNe–Professional Pilots Rumor Network

Warm Showers–like couchsurfing for bicyclists

Frixio–live traffic reports

Weather–weather forecasts

Google Translate–translation website

Flight Radar 24–flight tracking


Expat/Overseas Living

Expatica–European focused expat info

Expat Exchange–extensive expat site

Expat Focus–info, forums, blogs, etc for expats

Asia Expat–Asia expat info

Escape Artist–’restart your life overseas’

Link Expats–connecting expats

Ginger Asia–Asia expat info

Expat Arrivals–local info for global expats

Transitions Abroad–overseas work and living info

EFAM–Escape from America Magazine


Health and Medical

MASTA–travel health info

Traveler’s Health Guide–from the CDC

CDC–all health info from the CDC

Health Map–global disease alert map

Who Is Sick?–current illness info by city

Military Medicine–medical “how to” manuals

Hesperian–online medical reference books

Symptom Checker–from the Mayo Clinic

Adventure Doc–travel and medical info

Adventure Doc¬†(blog)–Adventure Doc’s blog

Physically Trained–Army physical fitness test info

Paul Auerbach’s Medical Blog–good medical info

Adventure Health Clinic–travel medicine

Healthopedia–health info

Armageddon Medicine–be your own doctor

Public Health Emergency Response Guide

UCLA Center for Public Health and Disasters

Crisis Communication Spokesperson Checklist

First Response

Mass Casualty Event Preparedness and Response

Virtual Naval Hospital–great source of medical info

Responder Knowledge Base–FEMA response info

CDC Preparedness and Response–from the CDC

Radiation Event Medical Management–radiation info

Hospital Safety Center–hospital safety info

Occupational Health and Safety–work safety

AHRQ–Public Health Emergency Preparedness

GoogleBody–3d presentation of the human body

Public Health Emergency Preparedness–med info

The Doom and Bloom Hour–medical prep info


News Sources

CNN–national and international news

Fox News–ditto

MSNBC–national, international news

Popurls–social media/media aggregator

US Newspapers–as the name says…

BBC–British Broadcasting

USA Today–from the newspaper

International CNN–the international edition

Christian Science Monitor–natl and intl news

NPR–National Public Radio

Arab World News–news from the Arab world

Reuters–from the news service

News Max–national and international news

World Net Daily–”A free press for a free people”

Independent Media Center–independent media

The Paperboy–online newspapers

Al Jazeera–English version of the Arabic news site

Orbusmax–huge list of news links

World Tribune–”window on the real world”

All You Can Read–international newspapers

World News Network–news from around the world

Alltop–updated list of all top news and web links


Technology and Science

CNet–excellent tech info and reviews

Slashdot–”news for nerds”

ZD Net–news and info for IT professionals

The Register–tech news and info from the UK

Phone Scoop–cell phone news and reviews

PDA Street–PDA and handheld news and reviews

Science Blog–interesting science info

Security Focus–tech security news

How Stuff Works–”learn how everything works”

FAS–Federation of American Scientists

Gadget Guru–gadget news and reviews

Popular Science–excellent tech articles and info

New Scientist–science news

Wired–sci-tech news and info

Popular Mechanics–excellent tech articles

Interhack–computer tech info

PC Pitstop–PC diagnostics and tune ups

Science–science info from the government

PGPI–PGP links and info

Think Geek–”stuff for smart masses”

Physics Post–science and physics articles

Alteich–Al Teich’s sci-tech articles

NICS–National Institute for Chemical Studies

Old Version–old versions of computer software

Internet Archive–archive search engine for the net

Web Developer–web developer news and info

Geocaching–global GPS cache hunt site

Buxley’s Geocaching–GPS info

MobileBurn–cell phone news and reviews

GCN–government computer news

Greg Miller’s Site–cryptography, AI, networking info

Insecure–security tools and info

Monitoring Times–radio monitoring info

2600 Hacker Quarterly–radio hacking info

CIO Insight–strategies for IT leaders

The Gadgeteer–gadget and gizmo news

Tech Zone–computer hardware reviews

Mobiledia–cell phone news and reviews

Kevin Kelly Cool Tools–review of cool tools

PC Today–mobile computing and wireless articles

Tech Republic–IT professional news and info

Pocket PC City–windows mobile tools and info

Science Toys–a “how to” guide

Union of Concerned Scientists–science info

Security Pro News–IT security news

Komando–tech news from the Digital Goddess

Nuclear Map Blaster–as the name says…

Modern Nomads–info on mobile devices

Online Tech Tips–great technology tips

How Things Work–cool sci-tech info

Make Use Of–cool tech info and tips

Instructables–world’s biggest DIY info source

Gizmodo–the gadget guide

PC Magazine–all about computers

E-Ham–ham radio on the net

Radio Reference–radio communications info

Science Blogs–interesting range of science info

Defense Tech–the intersection of tech and defense

Radio Reference–radio database and forums

Broadcastify–listen to fire, police, etc online


Books and Publications

Mother Earth News–from the magazine

Foreign Policy–global politics and economics info

Backwoods Home–good rural living skills info

How To Be Invisible–from the book, excellent info

Paladin Press–practical information for today

Library Of Congress–the granddaddy of all libraries

Laissez-Faire Books–alternative press books

Eye Spy Magazine–espionage and intelligence info

Cartome–intelligence and other info


From the Wilderness–peak oil info

Intelligence Literature–as the name says…

Old Farmer’s Almanac–from the famous magazine

Ready Made–”instructions for everyday life”

Home Power–homemade power info

Independence Journal–business and econ news

Security Magazine–security info and resources

FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin–great source of info

Ask Men–online men’s magazine

Backpacker Magazine–backpacking/outdoor info

Hesperian–online medical reference books

Art of Manliness–a “how to” for manly skills

MIPB–military intelligence professional bulletin

Field and Stream–outdoors magazine

Interesting Times–online survival/lifehack magazine

Neithercorp Press–survival, economic survival, etc

Outside Magazine–outdoors news and info


Commentary/Other News

CATO Institute–non-profit public policy research

Real Clear Politics–independent political info

Drudge Report–political news and info

Brookings Institute–non-profit public policy research

Daily Reckoning–daily news and opinion

Independence Institute–’Free Market Think Tank’

Center for Public Integrity–in the public interest

The Nation–unconventional wisdom

Tech Central Station–tech, society news

The Omega Letter–Christian intelligence

Lucianne–news forum

Politech–politics and tech news

Africa Intelligence–Africa news and info

Voice of America–”news and info since 1942″

The Power Hour–”knowledge is power”

Common Dreams–news for progressives

Build Freedom–practical freedom information

Free Republic–news and activism

We The People–Constitution news and info

Reason–free minds and free markets

Open the Government–less secrecy in government

Information Clearinghouse–news and info

Truth Out–news politics

Spiked–news and info for free thinkers

NY Transfer–”all the news that doesn’t fit”

Rumor Mill News–interesting news and info

SourceWatch–the Center for Media and Democracy

Disinformation–hidden info rarely seen in the media

Joel Skousen–world affairs, secure home, etc.

News With Views–”where reality shatters illusion”

Lew Rockwell–anti-state, anti-war, pro-market

Whiskey and Gunpowder–financial news and info

Energy Bulletin–peak oil news

Third World Traveler–alternate view of media

Council on Foreign Relations–non-partisan news

Capitol Hill Blue–oldest political news site

Ludwig von Mises Institute–liberalism research

Counterpunch–’America’s Best Political Newsletter’

Liz Michael–political activism for the libertarian

Shadow Government Statistics–secret info

Anxiety Culture–anti-work, anti-establishment news

Blacklisted News–independent media

Intelligence Daily–uncensored world news

The New Freedom–free information and free culture

American Free Press–’America’s Last Newspaper’

New American Truth Magazine–preparedness info

Above Top Secret–alternative news and info

Popurls–popular news aggregator

WikiLeaks–leaked government news and other info

Lew Rockwell–’anti-state, anti-war, pro market’

Activist Post–news for independents



Market Research–business market research

RAND–analysis and research studies

Incident–check out CONUS viewpoint

Search Systems–public records search/directory

Missing Money–are you due money?


NOAA–National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin

Lexis Nexis–comprehensive business solutions

Global Insight–economic and financial analysis

National Security Archives–declassified documents

NIMA–National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency

FOIA–freedom of information info and requests

DARPA–Department of Defense research agency

ACFEI–American College of Forensic Examiners

RefDesk–reference, facts and news

Acme Mapper–excellent mapping program

Resource Shelf–research and info

The Memory Hole–”rescuing knowledge”

Eyeball Series–intelligence photos

Spy Numbers–shortwave radio spy numbers

PeopleSite–people search

Destroyed Arguments–debunked legal arguments

Dixieland Law Journal–increase knowledge of law

Wayback Machine–internet archives

Google Earth–the satellite mapping program

Map Machine–wide variety of maps

TOXNET–toxicology data network

CIA’s World Fact Book–info on all countries

Claim Your Cash–claim your money

Encyclopedia of Espionage–A to Z espionage info

Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments

Flight Aware–live flight tracking

The Disaster Center–all types of disaster info

ISID–International Society of Infectious Diseases

Health Map–global disease alert map

Natural Disaster Risk Map–as the name says…

Cascade Region Earthquake Workgroup–info

Naval Oceanography Portal–oceanography info

UMD Plume Dispersion Trajectories–world dispersal


Government/Aid Agencies

IRS–Internal Revenue Service

FBI–Federal Bureau of Investigation

CIA–Central Intelligence Agency

DOD–Department of Defense

NSA–National Security Agency

Customs–US Customs and Border Protection

DOJ–Department of Justice

DIA–Defense Intelligence Agency

DTIC–Defense Technical Information Center

DEA–Drug Enforcement Administration

UN–United Nations

Secret Service–US Secret Service

Marshals–US Marshals Service

CDC–Centers for Disease Control

DSS–Defense Security Service

BATF–Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

GPO–Government Printing Office

OSAC–Overseas Security Advisory Council

FirstGov–’government made easy’

US Coast Guard Navigation Center–navigation info

USAMRIID–Army medical research

NOAA–National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin

NTIS–National Technical Information Services

US Government Bookstore–as the name says…

USGIA–US Gang Intelligence Agency

FEMA–Federal Emergency Management Agency

Red Cross–community prep info

Emergency Management Institute–FEMA training

Avert Disaster–volunteer emergency teams

NASAR–Natl Assn of Search and Rescue



Congress–info and news about Congress

Thomas’–legislative info from the LOC

Tax Foundation–info and research on taxes

Dumb Laws–as the name says…

Government Executive–info for Gov Execs

National Debt Clock–your share of the public debt

Constitution Society–info on the Constitution

CQ–Congressional Quarterly

GovTrack–tracking the US Congress

Fact Check–political fact check


Supplies and Services

Outdoor Specialties–outdoor gear

Cactus Tactical–tactical equipment and gear

US Tactical Supply–tactical gear

REI–outdoor equipment and supplies

Outfitter Satellite–sat phones

Remote Satellite–sat phones

Spy Supply Store–…as the name says

Cheaper Than Dirt–shooting supplies

Spy Mall–spy and law enforcement supplies

Radio Shack–electronics equipment

Lehman’s–products for self sufficient living

Personal Arms–tasers, pepper spray, stun guns

Safety Gear Headquarters–ditto

Best Stun Guns–stun guns

Galls–fire, EMS, LE equipment and supplies

Spy Gear 4 U–spy gear and equipment

Concealed Carry Clothiers–CC clothing

Safety Central–emergency and survival supplies

ATS Tactical–tactical gear and supplies

Body Security–self defense products

Surplus Trader–electronics supplies

Corporate Travel Safety–safety and travel gear

FRS–first response supplies

Dog Tags Direct–dog tags

AIM Surplus–shooting supplies

TAPCO–shooting and military gear

Brigade Quartermaster–tactical supplies

Government Liquidation–government liquidations

Hypertech–high performance engine tuning

Diamondback Tactical–tactical gear and supplies

RDD USA–military gear and supplies

Gerbings–heated clothing

Personal Arms–self defense products

Minimus–travel-sized items

Cabela’s–granddaddy of outdoor stores

Hidden Passageway–hidden passage services

Spyder Tactical Supply–tactical supplies

American Family Safety–disaster kits

Prepare Smart–safety and preparedness products

ESRI–gis and mapping software

Weather Radio Store–weather and radios

B&A Products–emergency prep products

Police-Scanners–police scanners

Tactical Tailor–tactical gear

World Prep–safety and disaster kits

Rescue Training Inc–EMT and medic training

The Outdoor Lodge–outdoor supplies, articles

Lane Self Defense–self defense products

Lifesaver Bottle–safe drinking water system

Texas Remail Service–re-mailing service

My Dogtags–dogtags

Pak Lite–LED flashlights

Survival Center–prep and survival supplies

SOS Survival Products–survival supplies

Simpler Life Emergency Provisions–survival gear

American Preparedness–preparedness supplies

EPS–emergency and preparedness supplies

Emergency Preparedness Service–prep supplies

Sportsman’s Warehouse–outdoor, hunting, prep

Get Ready Gear–preparedness supplies

Safety Protection Technology–stun guns/pepper

Express Police Supply–duty gear, tactical supply

Close Quarter Battle K9–protection dogs

USA Military Medals–military medals

MPE Safety Apparel–Tyvek clothing

Self Defense Store–self defense products

Survival Warehouse–survival food, MREs, etc

2nd Amendment Shooting Supply–shooting stuff

Surveillance Video–tech stuff; surveillance stuff

Twilight Camping Supply–camping gear

Hometown Seeds–garden seeds, survival seeds

Healthy Hiking Gear–outdoor gear and supplies

Survival Supplies 4 U–survival products

Personal Security Plan–security and disaster info

Smart Stun–stun devices

TYR Tactical–tactical gear and supplies

The Crimson Hill–tactical gear

First Aid Supplies Online–first aid kits, supplies

Ready Stun–stun guns and other defensive tech

Ready Spyspy gear and gadgets

Combat Shop–tactical gear

Tracking the World–GPS tracking solutions

Buy Pepper Spray Today–mace, bear spray, etc

Weaver Service and Supply–outdoor, tactical, etc

DVR Spy Gear–surveillance systems, spy gear

Criminal Justice Degrees–schools and info

Keep Shooting–firearms, outdoor gear

Safe Castle–preparedness items

Hush Tunnel–anonymize your web traffic

Ammo For Sale–online ammo sales

North Wood Shooting Sports–shooting accessories